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There is a major reason why so many people have made the decision to visit the Mighty Fortress Church. This is because of all of the programs that they have made available to you and your family. No matter your age, it is always a good idea for you to visit the Mighty Fortress Church and see what they are all about. The best thing about the Mighty Fortress Church is that they are open to all different types of people, making it quick and effortless for you to find the right membership in an area that you are going to find to be beneficial in a variety of different ways. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

If you’re currently living in Minnesota, you are going to want to check out the Mighty Fortress Church and see what they offer to you. You can also check out the Mighty Fortress Church website to learn more about what they offer and the different programs that are there for you and your loved ones. No matter when you want to visit, the Mighty Fortress Church is always open and you will find their staff to be helpful and informative when it comes to getting information pertaining to the types of programs they are offering. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Be sure to visit the Mighty Fortress Church if this is something you feel you are going to find to be beneficial. There are tons of individuals visiting the Mighty Fortress Church with great success and are finding it to be a wonderful addition to their lives. This is something that is going to help you out and help you to find your faith once again. There are a lot of individuals who make the decision to utilize Mighty Fortress Church for themselves and know that this is something that is going to literally change their lives. You will love the Mighty Fortress Church and know that it is something that is sure to be a great option for you when you are looking to expand your faith and get the most out of the church that you are choosing to visit for yourself.


He is the president and one of the founders of highland capital management, an alternative investment firm James Dondero based in Dallas. Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership, the highland has pioneered in both the advancing credit-oriented solutions for retail investors and institutions worldwide and developing the collateralized loan obligation. It is mainly due to the many years of experience he has in the credit and equity market where he focused mostly on distressed and high yield investing. Highlands offers products and services which include separate institutional accounts, mutual funds, ETFs, CLOs, private equity fund, REITs and hedge funds. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Mr. James is also a dedicated philanthropist, and he actively supports initiatives in public policy, education and veteran’s affairs. Before the formation of the highlands, he created a GIC subsidiary of protective life. As the chief investment officer in GIC, he managed to rise it from inception to over $2 billion between 1989 and 1993. James Dondero also was a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager at American express between 1985 and 1989. The highland has actively participated in initiatives in philanthropy since its foundation. Recently, it has taken more strategic approach hence reflecting its current scale of charitable giving. Thus, highlands set out to identify an established partner in philanthropy who can add structure to its charitable giving programs.

Educationally Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he earned highest honors that is beta gamma sigma and beta alpha Psi from the Mclntire school of commerce with a dual major in finance and accounting. He has also received certification from the certified managerial accountant (CMA) and certified public accountants (CPA). He is has earned the right of using the chartered financial analyst (CFA) designation. Follow James on Linkedin.

James Dondero was also on the executive board of the Southern Methodist University in the school of business. It expands highland’s commitment to philanthropy whereby it now endows the highland capita management tower, scholars. It encourages professional and academic pursuit in the ongoing support for George Bush presidential museum and library and also in public policy. The cox school at SMU largely contributes to the vibrant business community in Dallas where highlands is one of the beneficiaries. James Dondero is one of the most experienced global alternative credit managers.


Adam Milstein is not your everyday wealthy man as he is known for his philanthropic acts and a big heart. He is also the founder of Hager Pacific properties which is a well-known real estate company. In a recent interview, AMilstein lets us know about most of his life. For instance, he says that his idea to create Hager Pacific properties struck him after he saw that his knowledge and expertise was not being appreciated by most job recruiters. Thanks to that Adam decided to take a solo path and started off by being a real estate commercial broker. In regards to how he brings his ideas to life, Milstein says that there is no special ingredient and that he only ensures that he pushes till they become a reality and also by handling your business yourself. Persistency, follow up and reliability are habits which differentiate him from other businessman and is what makes him productive as an entrepreneur. He has never had a lousy job and the fact that it takes there are myriads of ups and downs in real estate is a trend that excites him a lot. He urges other business people and those who are seeking success always to handle things themselves and be part of getting the solution instead of relying on other people to deal with their problems for them. To grow his business, Milstein does not set goals because they can be limiting instead he works as hard as he can to get things done and never lets negativity get to him. Like any other human, Milstein has had his failures, and he says one mistake that he has ever made as an entrepreneur is his desire for instant gratification. Milstein uses constant contact software and the last $100 he last spent was on dinner with his family. He recommends Dana Perino’s book, and the good news is because no matter what there is a positive side to everything.

Who is Milstein?

He is a man of Jewish origin who is behind the establishment of the Israeli American council and also holds senior positions on prominent charity organisations such as Stand With Us, Jewish Funders Network, and Israeli on-campus coalition among a few others. Adam is also a top player in the real estate industry, and as mentioned above he is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is a graduate of USC and holds an MBA. Adam is also known for his big heart and his fight against racial discrimination. He also wants to educate students who have an Israeli origin but live in the U.S about their culture and through the organisation founded by him and his wife Gina they provide monthly books which teach them about their Jewish culture and values.

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Many people are getting education on the preventative steps that they can take to pursue good health going forward. Approximately 9 out of 10 physicians will advise their patients to undergo a health screening. This is especially true if the patient has a known health condition like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. It is crucial for those patients that have a strong family history of specific potentially life threatening disease processes. An inclusive Life Line Screening can ease people’s worries about their own health status, or the health status of someone that they love. The risks for developing many of the tested for ailments increase after age 55.

It is no wonder that many patients avoid screening processes. The incredibly uncomfortable screening and test preparation instructions are hard to manage. When individuals sign up for an affordable and thorough Life Line Screening, they learn that hard or otherwise bothersome testing preparations are simply not necessary. Patients are told to eat a light meal that doesn’t include unwanted fat, grease, high sugar or heavy feeling ingredients. A healthy meal taken just four hours in front of the testing time is all the preparation needed. Moderate amounts of clear liquids like tea or water can be ingested during the fast. Even a few sips of coffee are allowed.

Anyone wanting more information can visit this healthcare organization’s detailed and easy-to-navigate webpage. Some of the most common tests taken include heart issues, lung problems, AAA, blood clots in lower legs, diabetes, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, circulation conditions, endocrine abnormalities like hyper and hypo active thyroid gland and more. Those with any family history of cancer should have this screen performed. The sensitive hospital grade equipment can pick up health conditions sometimes faster than a physical exam. Blood tests are also completed during the scheduled Life Line Screening appointment.

The blood work is taken from a small finger stick that most people don’t mind. Ultrasounds can detect many health problems without any invasive methods. People will get their results back through the mail service within around 2-3 weeks. Blood work results are immediately available. Contact Life Line Screening today.

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The need for a higher standard of public school education has been highlighted by the founder of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith in a recent article. The former public school teacher explained the problem of inequality between low-income families and those in other social classes has been on his mind for a number of years and played a role in promoting the establishment of Rocketship Education; inequality has seen low-income communities options for education shrink in the last few decades as the gap between rich and poor continues to grow.

Rocketship Education has been created in a bid to make sure the kind of school educators would wish to send their own children to are found in San Jose and much of the U.S. Preston Smith believes the Rocketship Education schools he has established are among the most impressive in San Jose and the parts of Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Washington D.C. the charter schools network has expanded into; both of Preston Smith’s children attend Rocketship Education schools and he believes the knowledge he sends his own offspring to his school makes a difference in the confidence level families have in his schools.

Charter schools are often accused of ignoring the issues of inequality and educational issues of students of color but Rocketship Education has been seeking different ways of addressing the issue of African-American students needing Rocketship Education schools in their communities. One way of inspiring change across the nation is to make sure the communities many low-income students come from are represented in all Rocketship Education charter schools are represented as educators, staff members, and students.

The inclusive nature of Rocketship Education has now been held up as a standard-bearer for the public school system. Upon being established by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship Education was created as a part of the San Jose public school system. Providing high-performing public schools as part of the network of charter schools has become the main area of concern for Rocketship Education as the network steps onto the national stage bringing K-5 charter schools to the nation’s capital.

AI is changing the world faster than we’re able to imagine. One area in which AI has had an impact is in the use of recommendation engines for e-commerce websites. The pioneer in this field is Amazon, whom is very successful in being able to predict the interests of the modern consumer with their engine.

B2C companies have been quite successful in being able to implement a ecommerce recommendation engine. B2B companies have historically struggled with recommendation engines because many B2B companies are often late to adopt new technology. People who purchase items online through a B2B company are likely to also purchase from a B2C company, so consumers in the B2B space are expecting a very similar experience. Consumers frequently look at a B2B site in one window and a B2C site in another window often at the same time. B2C companies have also led the way in preparing tutorials and other content for their consumers, yet many B2B companies have yet to follow suit.

Some of the larger companies such as Grainger and MSC Industrial Supply are following the trend. These companies are committed to using an ecommerce recommendation engine, which has led to massive gains in sales growth. All executives from the top down at these larger companies are committed to using the best technology. Digital marketing means that there is a new approach for some of the larger companies to interact with their customers. Ecommerce is another channel that the large companies use to interact with their customers, and it’s not very different from in-person interaction or catalog interaction. Customers are able to interact with websites in a more robust way than they would have been able to in the past, as they are able to search for information on the company’s website now when they wouldn’t have been able to in the past.


Would you like to see an app that brings women together? What about an app that lets all women know they are beautiful and that the Hollywood portrayal of women is fake? Such an app does exist and is in production as we speak. It is an app that will speak to how powerful women are and how they can band together to help each other bring that perception to the world.

The founder, Whitney Wolfe, along with her partners and heads of creative, Erin Foster and Sara Foster, are cast members of the show “Barely Famous”, where they poke fun at the life of women in Hollywood. They teamed up to create an app that started of as a dating app but later morphed into an app created by women for women. Men have not been excluded from the app. It is also an invitation for men who appreciate women and who can stand beside a strong, powerful woman with pride.

The app is called “Bumble”. The CEO, Whitney Wolfe and her heads of creative, Erin and Sara Foster, are ready to sit down and bounce ideas off each other. The idea is to let viewers see the real lives of Hollywood women. They want people to know that it is all scripted and airbrushed. “We want to make people laugh and be honest. We firmly believe in letting women know, ‘hey, this is all fake’. We want to work to make women feel better,” Erin said of the Hollywood scene. They want to empower women to know that they are no different than those they see portrayed on the television screen and that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Bumble is now in its production stage but is currently available to be downloaded. For the rest of 2017, Whitney Wolfe and her heads of creative will be working on the ins and outs of Bumble and it is scheduled to be fully completed and updated in 2018.

Bumble will create an atmosphere where a discussion can be started to aid in the advancement of women. Women are still trying to prove that can do anything a man can do. Even though it has been proven time and time again, women are still socially and financially considered inferior to men. In a recent article on, , as of 2016, women are still only being paid 80% of what men are paid to do the same job.

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Roberto Santiago is the best businessman in the country of Paraiba plus he’s one of a few of Brazil’s most renowned entrepreneurs. He’s the proprietor and director of Manaira retail complex, situated in his hometown of Joao Pessoa. The mall is now the recreation and entertainment center for the state of Paraiba. But, Mr. Roberto Santiago’s history to victory informs us more of his own determination, qualitative and qualitative skill compared to his present victory.


He also attended an excellent university where he earned his excellent education. In order to meet his thirst for public attention and success in the business world, he organized and started Cartonnage Company; he also started attempting to sell cartons made from cardboard. The business climbed to new heights and generated several cosmetic products.


When his cartonnage firm began making gains, Roberto Santiago chose to buy real estate. The option would be among the best he ever made in building his own portfolio for a business man. It was his decision to purchase and develop land. This is the popular notion of why Manaira Shopping Theater was first born. He also bought the property for malls in 1987 and assembled it in a couple of short years. Back in 1989 the mall was been started and climbed into its present level of success.


The Manaira Retail Complex was constructed on a massive plot of property in the town of Joao Pessoa and it has 280 stores. The most striking feature about this mall is its own flexibility. Besides this, various shopping stores, it’s a concert hall, theatre, food court, gambling area, a gymnasium, finance institutions and also has office space. It’s no wonder; it’s such a superior standing from their country of Paraiba.

Mangeira was the second mall that Roberto produced. Together with both of these malls, he’s contributed to advancing the social and financial facets of the metropolis. Besides being centers of family entertainment and fun, the 2 malls employ tens of thousands of natives. Even the existence of the malls has cause a rise in the purchase price of property in the spot. More over, many corporations and companies have moved into the metropolis.


The economic meltdown of 2015 analyzed the genius of Roberto Santiago’s investment. When several businesses of this market were still crashing, the departmental stores weren’t influenced. The recognized strength with this section of the market has caused it to be bought by lots of traders. Mr. Santiago states that he intends to keep on growing, re-inventing and improving expansion in leisure, tour and sales centers.

Roberto Santiago is an excellent entrepreneur and his story exemplifies the standard of tenacity that it takes to be successful in the vicious marketplace.


George Soros has recently given away $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an action that is greater in scale than most philanthropy but hardly unprecedented for the man himself. Soros developed the first Open Society foundation in 1984, and has been giving them quite a bit of money over the years. According to the New York Times, he typically donates about $800 million to $900 million per year. Lately he has increased his giving, to the point that Open Society Foundations now has an endowment of $19 billion.

What does this amount to? In southern and eastern Asia, the effects of Soros’ work can be seen in the commercial and the legal sector. According to Forbes magazine, Open Society Foundations has supported the prosecution of torturers in Nepal, the inclusion of disabled children in Mongolian education, and investment in start-up companies in India, among many efforts. In general, the goal of Open Society Foundations is to get past the work of immediate humanitarian aid and invest in the future of societies. The author of the Forbes article says that their organization means to help people obtain the rights and abilities to look after themselves in the long term. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

Devi Sunuwar was aided by George Soros’ organization in prosecuting the soldiers who killed her sister. She has gone on to unite many victims and survivors of the Nepalese crisis in demanding justice and rooting out corruption. As Sunuwar says, “It’s not enough now to get justice for myself alone…I want to ensure justice for the others as well.” Such is the example of George Soros himself, a Jewish man who survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. After building his fortune as a hedge fund manager, Soros developed the Open Society foundation as fulfillment of Karl Popper’s philosophy.  According to Open , Popper believed that “societies can only flourish when they allow for democratic governance, freedom of expression, and respect for individual rights”. Soros has promoted this philosophy by giving much financial support to the causes that would promote an open society. He has played a significant role in criticizing the drug war, promoting Marijuana as medicinal, and supporting the legal recognition of same-sex marriage. From the late 1970s until now he has supported democracy and the free exchange of ideas, in South Africa, eastern Europe, and more recently in the United States.  According to The Atlantic , Soros’ donations were in large part responsible for the fall of communism in Hungary, and he promoted fledgling democratic institutions elsewhere in the Communist bloc.


Soros, like Sunuwar, wants to ensure justice for more people than himself. It is a hard road to follow, and harder these days now that more political parties are set against the very idea of an open society, but Soros shows no signs of slowing down in his old age. Follow George Soros on

Looking at the portfolio that Dr. Mark McKenna has built over the years, it is no wonder he has become so successful. During his recent interview with, he answers some questions about that success. Currently, Dr. McKenna resides in Atlanta where he has launched his new medical company, OVME. OVME is just a recent venture in a string of very successful businesses for him. Among his previous ventures, Dr. McKenna used the sale of his company ShapeMed to secure a position as the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc. until 2016. At the time of sale, ShapeMed was one of the largest practices in America. In addition to his entrepreneurial success, Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed physician in both Surgery and General Medicine in FL and GA. This is a level of expertise that he seems to bring to all his positions and a driving force behind his success.

Currently, Dr. McKenna has his sights set squarely on growing OVME. OVME is Dr. McKenna’s newest company and focuses on revitalizing the elective healthcare industry. He believes that the best way to bring his plans to fruition is by regularly setting goals and visualizing the end results. This gives him a chance to not only plan his next steps but to appreciate them. Dr. McKenna also cites that meaningful meditation, in conjunction with his natural motivation, has been a substantial factor in McKenna’s overall success. Taking the time to reconnect with himself has been a great way for him to foster his well-being.

When he is not developing a new business venture, Dr. Mark McKenna is a family man. He is a father to his daughter Milana and a husband to his wife Gianine. The family owns a spunky Pomeranian named Ryder, that is truly part of the family. Dr. McKenna is also sure to donate his time whenever possible and was part of the relief effort after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. In this way, Dr. Mark McKenna is not just an enterprising entrepreneur but a heartbeat in his community. His positive attitude is sure to permeate the culture of OVME.

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