Month: September 2015

Wikipedia Editing for Beginners

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Wikipedia has been up and running for over a decade and since its launch it has steadily worked its way into the public’s zeitgeist. Wikipedia is a millennial answer to any question and one of the most important resources on the internet. With over 20 million pages of data, thousands of editors, and the constant…


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Most mobile applications are coming up nowadays. Faced with stiff competition from similar applications and with times changing so fast, many of these applications are short lived. They are becoming cliché and most seems like hurriedly created. Depending on your needs, you will look for the application that favors you. There is, however, one mobile…

The Life and Success of Frans Schoeman

Posted by in Legal

Law is an interesting career as it entails helping people in solving their legal problems. Lawyers are therefore expected to be well read and skillful in arguing their client’s cases before a court of law or a tribunal. Various countries have different legal systems but one thing that is common in all these countries is…

Handy Home Cleaning Becomes The Online Cleaning Market Leader

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Although Handy Home Cleaning Services have been growing fast over the past few years, their success triggered a lot of competition in their industry, creating a dogfight for the position of industry leader. In what is good news for stakeholders in their business, another major competitor exited the market place a few months ago, allowing…

A Very Successful Entrepreneur: Doe Deere

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Doe Deere was involved in a digital media project called “The Story Exchange”. “The Story Exchange” consists of talking and interviewing with women around the world that are entrepreneurs. Doe was one out of a thousand of people that was chosen to be interviewed Doe is in the makeup and beauty business. She owns Lime…

Yeonmi Park: Survivor and World Changer

Posted by in Making a Difference

At a mere 21 years of age, young Yeonmi Park has become a voice of inspiration to an entire nation. Born into a world of priveledge that was quickly eroding under the regime of Kim Jong-Il, Yeonmi was taught from a very young age to hate all things foreign and exhibit blind devotion toward her…

North American Spine – A Leader In Minimum Invasive Spinal Surgery

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From the very early days of spine surgery, a procedure known as “open surgery” was used. In this operation, the surgeon traditionally makes a long incision of three to six inches to give the surgeon a clear view of the spinal area needing medical treatment. Technological advances in recent years, however, have allowed doctors to…

Picking A Good Brand Of Dog Food Will Keep A Pet Healthy

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There are so many great things about the Purina brand of dog food, and every pet owner that feeds their dog food from this brand can feel great about what they are doing. Purina cares about the animals that it makes its products for. It always tries for excellence in what it is doing, and…

Different Niches of CPA

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One of the things that CPA marketer Ivan Ong would say is that one’s success of an Internet Marketer depends on the niche he chooses. This is not to say that one niche is inherently better than the other. Every niche has the potential to turn out huge profits. What is meant is that one…

Andy Wirth And His Strong Belief In Clean Power

Posted by in Down with coal, Environment, Support a cause

  Andy Wirth is in support of the Reno City Council’s vote to support the Clean Power Plan, that is aimed at moving closer to renewable energy and away from power energy. By voting for the plan, the council also became a very integral entity in supporting the plan together with different private sector companies….

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