Month: January 2016

Congrats on Eating Healthier! But What About Your Pet?

Posted by in Animal Health

People are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and as a result they are also taking notice of what’s going into the bodies of their pets. Dog food companies have noticed this trend and have begun catering to these pet owners by offering them premium dog food options. This dog…

Netflix Star Wars/Disney Deal About to Kick In

Posted by in Netflix

Right now Disney is shopping Star Wars films around to TV networks to see which cable networks are interested in airing the movies on terrestrial TV. The price is a staggering $30 million per film. The tumultuous TV landscape makes this whole endeavor quite interesting. People are cutting the cord more than ever, and Netflix…

Securus Leading with Technology Solutions

Posted by in Inmate Communication Technology, Online Service

Providing Criminal Justice and Civil Technology for Safety Through Inmate Communication Software Securus Technologies is leading with superior analytical tools in corrections. They lead and deliver highly advanced “Big Data” analytical tools. Securus is a solid provider of exceptional technology, this technology is intended to provide safety for the public. They have just made further…

George Soros Predicts Economic Issues Like 2008

Posted by in Business People

Introduction There are a lot of people who have made predictions on next year’s economic environment. However, there are few who have been as good as George Soros at making predictions over the years. In an article with Bloomberg, George Soros says that the current economy does not bode well for people who are investing…

A Small Taste of Jon Urbana

Posted by in Making a Difference

To describe Jon Urbana as man of many talents and interests would be the understatement of the decade. Jon’s resume of interests, activities and business ventures is too long to list but we can get a good understanding of Jon by looking at just a few. One of Jon’s many passions includes that fight against…


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