Month: February 2016

Ross Abelow: Bringing Winter Help to Four-Legged Friends

Posted by in Making a Difference

Nobody likes to see stray animals out in the cold in wintertime. It is on of those things that tug at the heart strings. Ross Abelow, a New York City lawyer, has put together a fundraiser to help keep animals out of the cold. This fundraiser aims to raise five thousand dollars to be donated…

The Benefits of Beneful

Posted by in Healthier Dog Food

As pets become popular members of families everywhere, it’s important to ensure they are fed food that not only tastes great, but is also nutritious for them. For dog owners across the United States, the food of choice that fits this description is Beneful. Known as the food that fills dog bowls everywhere with health…

Leading the Gourmet Dog Food Market

Posted by in Dog Food Industry

The booming dog food market is fully saturated with sub-par, low-grade dog food. Dog owners have options for wet or dry dog food, nothing more — no bells and whistles, chef-quality flavors, or anything that even seems human-edible. Many dog food producers have recently started manufacturing dog food with gourmet ingredients, some going to lengths…

A Compliance Officer Needs To Be On Top Of Everything

Posted by in Business People, Inspirational Women

At Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane Morrison is the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and the General Counsel. Being a public speaker, periodically she talks about legal issues and compliance. Other fantastic background on Ms. Morrison includes that she is a member of both the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association and the…

Pittsburgh Steelers Hire Expert to Susan McGalla For Clothing Campaign

Posted by in Fan Fashion

Susan McGalla started out the marketing. She earned a degree in the field, and she has kept rising up in the ranks. In corporate America she has been recognized for her ability to break down walls in corporate structure, and she is still making moves today. The Steelers have hired McGalla as the strategic director,…

Doe Deere And Her Least Favorite Fashion Rules

Posted by in Cosmetics, Inspirational Women

Doe Deere is not a lady who abides by all the fashion rules that have oppressed women for centuries, and she is not a woman who is willing to cater to anyone who wants her to dress a certain way. She founded Lime Crime as a way of helping women find the bright colors needed…


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