Month: March 2016

Skout Gives Back To the San Francisco Community By Helping Feed the Hungry

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Global social networking Skout is reaching out to help the hungry in its hometown of San Francisco and the nearby community of Marian via a new partnership with SF-Marin Food Bank as part of National Potato Chip Day. The app is taking advantage of the national celebration of America’s favorite snack food by reaching out…

Sanjay Shah Brings New Faces To Autism Rocks Charity

Posted by in Helping Autistic Children

The Autism Rocks charity according to has recently added two new trustees to its board as the charity anticipates 2016 being another major year of activities and fund raising, Sunday Times reports. The charity has been a major supporter of research into autism since 2014 under the leadership of Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah;…

The Key to Keeping Employees Satisfied

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One of the harsh realities of owning or running any size business is that employees sometimes leave without reason or notice. All business owners know how rates of employee turnover can be a massive headache. Firstly, it is a very expensive process to keep up with. Not only does a new employee have to be…

Looking Close At Skout And Showing Kindness

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When You Are Kind, Kind Things Happen To You! It is a very true thing to say. People who are kind to others will often experience that same kindness coming back to them. You can’t expect it to come back to you because that’s not a good reason to be kind to others. However, you…

George Soros’ Current Economic Predictions

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  Anyone who knows anything about investments in general should have a slight idea of who George Soros is. In fact, you don’t even have to be knowledgeable about investments to have hear his name. The billionaire is not just someone who has invested well over the years, but he has also been active in…

Leading Online Reputation Management Firm is That Good

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Since 2011, Status Labs has been making a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that Fortune 500 companies trust the company to create a good online profile. Simply because one mistake makes it into the open and onto social media platforms doesn’t mean that it must define someone’s life. No one knows that better than…

Energy Market Swing

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  With the energy market so volatile lately, George Soros has been acting pretty rashly lately. The financial man is known for his bet against the British pound all those years ago. He made almost a billion dollars on the bet. On top of this, he founded the Open Foundations Society in 1979. His foundation…


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