Month: May 2016

Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley Resort

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The incorporation has been seeking efforts of proposals to the Squaw Valley Resort CEO, Andy Wirth, that have cause nothing but a divisive ordeal between the two parties. Wirth says that it is a “recipe for disaster” if the incorporation were to seek their efforts thoroughly and carry them out in their fashion of plan….

The Future Is Here: Visual Search With Slyce

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  Have you ever been walking down the street and see a pair of shoes or a jacket and think, man, I would love to have a pair like that? Have you or anyone you know ever stopped someone to ask where they bought their purse or shoes from only to find out that the…

Bury Bad Articles And Do So Today

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Anyone can publish anything on the internet. They can even do so anonymously. With a free email account, a person can set up a free blog. Once the blog is up and running, the writer is able to publish anything. Even libelous material may be published without impunity if the person uses a proxy server….

Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Talks Business and Philanthropy

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The founder of London based financial services firm Solo Capital sat down and had an recent interview. During this interview Sanjay Shah talked about his philanthropic activities along with his business experiences. The main thing Shah discussed was his charitable organization called Autism Rocks. This is an organization that raises awareness and funds research for…

The Collapse in Venezuela Has No Happy Ending In Sight

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The news from Dateas out of Venezuela has been very bleak. In an optimistic way, those following the news are hoping for a storybook turnaround. The truly bad news should lead to an optimistic turnaround. While this would make for a great story, it does not make for a great reality. The situation in Venezuela…

Talk Fusion Receives Rave Reviews Following Launch

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Talk Fusion’s video chat platform is already receiving rave reviews since its recent launch just a few weeks ago. It has already become the No. 1 app in Indonesia and is rapidly climbing the ranks in Japan as well as Switzerland. Talk Fusion seeks to help those looking for video marketing solutions. In 2007 they…

Coriant’s True Story

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  Communications and technology will always be constantly evolving and changing in today’s era. Change being a constant is one reason why companies in the telecom business such as Coriant are becoming more relevant with each passing day. Coriant is the name of a telecommunications company that first came into existence in 2013, while the…

Top Investment Banking and Brokerage Firm: Laidlaw & Company

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Among the top investment banking and brokerage firm in New York is Laidlaw investment firm which was founded in the year 1842. The firm specializes in investment banking and wealth management services. With its leadership on stopbrokerfraud and team of professionals, the firm has risen to become one of the very best investment banking firms…


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