Month: July 2016

FreedomPop Should Be The Low-Cost Carrier Of Choice

Posted by in Mobile Phone Service

Even though an unprecedented amount of people are using cell phones like never before, one would think that cell phone service providers would lower their prices as much as possible in order to bring in more customers. There might be a lot of people using cell phones, but there are many more people that still…

The Midas Legacy Experts Say So You Want To Reach $1 Million

Posted by in Wealth Management

The Midas Legacy has been widely credited with helping individuals take full advantage of their financial independence and achieve more. Of course everyone wants more but many need guidance to get from A to Z. The Midas Legacy empowers people by showing them how to maximize their potential, and steering them toward high-growth wealth strategies….

How Utilizing Bury Bad Articles Can Greatly Boost Your Company’s Image in Search Engine Results

Posted by in Online Reputation

Negative press for your company can cause an enormous reduction in sales. In fact, every negative article found on search engines decreases the chance of a sale by 22%. Furthermore, for every three negative articles found in search engines, the potential for a customer sale decreases by a shocking 59.2%. For those companies that have…

Global Tel Link’s Misconducts Get Exposed By Securus Technologies.

Posted by in Securus

Securus Technologies is a well-known company in the inmate communication industry. The main clients of the firm are facilities that are owned by institutions in the criminal and civil sector, and its main offices are located in Dallas, Texas. More than 3450 correctional facilities that are located in the northern parts of America use the…

Bob Reina’s Dedication to Service: How Talk Fusion is Changing Video Forever

Posted by in Business Leaders, CEO, Technology

  If you look on the average mobile phone or computer, you will find a variety of video apps. Many of these apps only allow you to do one thing. If you want multifunctionality, especially as a business person, then it can be frustrating. You need to spend extra time synching devices, softwares, and paying…

Brian Bonar, Has Been Named The Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive Of The Year In Finance

Posted by in Bonar, Chief Executive Officer

It is a good year for Brian Bonar according to PR. The Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar, has been named the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Being included in this registry is an honor as only two female and male members from each discipline are chosen to…


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