Month: August 2016

Online Reputation Management: What It Is, Who Needs It and Where to Get It

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The digital world moves fast. One bad review can hurt a businesses bottom-line. One inappropriate picture can cost someone a job. As internet reputation management company, Better Reputation’s, website states, “No asset is more valuable than your reputation.” That is where services like their’s come in. Up and coming businesses need online reputation management services…

Guidelines for Investing In Brazil

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The anomaly of banks in Brazil on January 5th, 2015 left people scratching their heads. The economy of Brazil was troubled at the end of the year, but banks are suffering along with troubling economies. There is no economic growth under Dilma Roussef’s populist strategies. Brazilian banks are facing a storm, and they need to…

ConnectUs Will Save Time and Headaches

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Securus Technologies is constantly working to improve, innovate and find ways to apply today’s technology in real and practical ways. A new communications platform, aptly called ConnectUs, is much more than a communications portal. One of the greatest headaches facing the corrections facilities today, an industry supported by Securus, is having the staff inundated with…

The non-silicon valley startup that is going viral among parents and teachers

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Sam Chaudhary came to Palo Alto on a 90-day tourist visa back in the summer of 2011. He wanted to launch an educational technology startup. He and his co-founder Liam Don started from scratch because the pesky issue of what that startup would be like remained. Chaudhary told the business insider that in their first…

Leading Digital Marketing Agency, White Stark Media

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Leading business industries recommend White Stark Media because of the significant role it plays. It has proved to deliver tailored solutions to medium and small-sized businesses alike. They have helped and supported some major companies to grow their business with the aid of their digital marketing agency. Google AdWords Premier SME They also hold the…

Hiring an Attorney for Protection

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Coming forward as a whistle blower is met with a massive amount of controversy, which can leave a person unsure of whether or not they should actually follow through and deliver the information that they have. This is something that is absolutely understandable, as there are a lot of consequences that have fallen on whistle…

How Companies can manage their Online Reputation

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Online Reputation Defender Review entails regulating online conversation and activities. Its tactics and methods ensure that Internet users will find high quality and positive content when they carry out their Internet research. Done perfectly, online reputation strikes a balance and thwarts misleading information. A brand that has a fantastic online presence can create a significant…


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