Month: October 2016

Adam Goldenberg Has Opened Up Local Stores For JustFab

Posted by in Business Leaders

If you’ve ever shopped at JustFab, you may have been blown away by all the fashion selections you saw at very affordable prices . But maybe you wanted to be able to see these fashion pieces up close and personal at a local chain store. Well now you can because JustFab also has local retail…

What’s in Your Lip Balm?

Posted by in Healthy Lips

Chances are you use your lip balm every day. But could you successfully name the ingredients? Probably not. While there are many great skin products available today, even some superior and expensive brands fail to omit harmful additives and chemicals. When it comes to lip balm, a product that is so often ingested, this is…

Understanding the Spread and Hook in Sports Betting

Posted by in Sports

If betting relied on picking a winning team as the primary choice, sports books (companies that allow people to place a bet) would go out of business. This is because people would always pick the team with a higher chance of winning. Since sports books profit from losing bets (and use this money to pay…

People On A Spiritual Quest

Posted by in Kabbalah Education

These days, spirituality is mildly important to people. For one thing, there are some people that are looking to reach the next level of life. They also want to achieve a higher consciousness while in the world. One thing that is very helpful when it comes to spirituality is knowledge. This is one of the…


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