Month: February 2017

Anesthesiology in Austin, TX

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association has over 40 years of experience. This practice is a trusted member of the healthcare community in the Austin area. The dedicated team at Capitol serves hospitals and medical centers throughout the Austin area. With experienced doctors and CRNAs on staff, Capitol Anesthesiology provides excellent medical care.   The services provided by…

Arthur Becker Understands The New York Real Estate Market

Posted by in Real Estate Expert

There are many industries in the business world that are highly competitive and present many challenges to people who participate in the industries. One of these industries is the real estate industry. In many ways, the real estate industry is one of the most popular industries in the business world. Many people both professionals and…

Bruno Fagali Stands Out From The Crowd In The Brazilian Legal System

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There are many aspects to the legal system. However, every legal system is uniquely different. Although the legal system is understood as a system around the world, almost every country has a different legal system based on the laws and the structure of the government in the particular country. As a result, the way that…

Securus Silences Competitor with a Show of Power and Might

Posted by in Inmate Communication Technology

Securus Technologies is a communications technology and data service private firm specializing in telecommunications, call management systems and data analytics and providing specific services such as government information management solutions, parolee tracking and monitoring products, emergency response and incident management, biometric analysis and inmate communications. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and work with over…

FreedomPop Has A Better Wifi Service

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The people at FreedomPop have created a better service for those who are looking at saving money on their wifi. The company has an unlimited wifi plan, and they have a wireless phone service that is perfect for those who wish to save money. This FreedomPop reviewexplains how the experts at the company have created…

Omar Boraie Accepts Rutgers’s Cancer Chair Challenge

Posted by in Cancer War

 Sam Boraie believes so strongly that the field of genomic science and precision medicine will find answers in the medical battle against cancer that he has pledged l.5 million dollars to establish a chair at Rutgers Cancer Research Center. The chair is a part of the ‘18 Chair Callenge’ Compaign of Rutgers University, and each…


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