Month: March 2017

ClassDojo Makes Innovative Strides In Education

Posted by in Tech and academics

ClassDojo has raised $21 million in its seven round of venture funding for technology that connects parents and teachers. The ClassDojo app helps to inform parents of their child’s academic and emotional development in the classroom, and could eliminate the need for traditional parent teacher conferences.   ClassDojo allows teachers to communicate with parents during…

People With Chronic Lung Diseases Rarely Hear About Stem Cell Therapy Except For On Facebook

Posted by in Regenerative Medicine

With regenerative medicine, doctors regenerate or replace damaged cells in the body, as opposed to treating symptoms with medications or devices, such as oxygen tanks that help people breathe easier. While regenerative medicine seems like an obviously better option, physicians rarely refer their patients with chronic lung diseases, who might be candidates for regenerative stem…

The Madison County Courier Is Available For All New Yorkers

Posted by in Business Leaders

Many people in New York are in need of a lawyer at one time or another. This could be due to a business issue, domestic dispute, or some other situation. The problem has always been finding the right lawyer. Looking through the phone book was a traditional method of finding a lawyer. However, who has…

What Jason Hope Thinks About The Growth Of Internet Of Things

Posted by in Business People, Technology

Many people have been celebrating the changes that over the years have been made to the world of technology. What technology has done is it has made life easier and better for many people and its development moves at a rapid pace that before you fully explore one technology, a replacement is already availed. Internet…

How MB2 Dental is Transforming Dental Industry in the US

Posted by in Chris, ICT Professionals

MB2 Dental is a well-established private firm that provides dental management and practices development services to their affiliated dental service providers in six states in the US. The company was established in 2009 by a former dentist, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. Dr. Chris created MB2 dental following the challenges he experienced during his tenure as…


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