Month: July 2017

Mike Baur’s Role In Ensuring New Companies Have a Lifeline to Impact the Future

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Mike Baur is a Swiss-born entrepreneur known for co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory. He boasts of experience of over two decades in the banking sector. Baur left banking and ventured into investing in startups before partnering with two other individuals to start Startup Factory in 2014. He has also participated as a judge in a…

Why choose Netpicks systems to trade

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Strategy to use in a choppy market environment There is a lot of nervousness on Wall Street that has not been seen in a while. Before, some investors are considered the market to be unstoppable and thereby having an attitude that is arrogant. The nervousness can be attributed to the selloff of the technology sector….

Jose AuriemoNeto is a Wise Leader of JHFS that is helping this Company to Grow

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Jose AuriemoNeto is the current CEO and leader of JHFS. This organization is a leading real estate development company within the nation of Brazil. Neto has been working for this organization since 2003. He took over the company from another great Brazilian real estate mogul named FábioAuriemo. Since his tenure began as CEO and Chairman…

Netpicks, Online Trading Company

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Trading when the market is choppy can be a challenge at times. Traders love the fact of trading at the click of a button from their laptop or smartphone. Seasoned investors have so much success to the point where they get too comfortable using the same trading strategies on a consistent basis. Recently, a “degree…

Trading Tips for Testy Summer months

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Netpicks was founded back when the advent of online trading or day time trading was a fairly new idea. This company has set out to provide educational recourse to the modern online trader. Whether struggling with the details of futures or figuring out the best plan for stocks and options, this reputable online educator has…

The Achievements That Sheldon Lavin Has Made Under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

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The OSI Group is one of the world’s major suppliers of meat and meat products. When the company started out, they were just a small business outfit with their main client being McDonald’s. However, with the help of David McDonald, the business consultant who became a partner, they have managed to extend their reach to…


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