Month: October 2017

Bernardo Chua’s Successful Career

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Bernardo Chua is a popular entrepreneur who is known for his accomplishments in the business world. Bernardo believes in direct sells and network market, and these are strategies he has used to become one of the wealthiest investors in the world. Chua gained his popularity several years ago after introducing special coffee that contains the…

What Motivates George Soros to Support the Open Society Foundations?

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They say that people put their money where their ideas are. Well, George Soros, through the open society foundations, has been showing the world where his ideas lie. Soros was born and partially grew up in Hungary during the Nazi occupation. He had to run from the country and into England where he was a…

Organo Gold Provides Coffee Bliss and Business Opportunities

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That morning cup of coffee could be doing more than just waking you up and getting you out the door. Two recent studies that were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine have indicated that regular coffee consumption could reduce one’s risk of dying from various chronic conditions including heart disease and stroke. The potential…

Whitney Wolfe Recognized as Queen Bee in Dating App World

Posted by in Dating Apps, Fashion

When it comes to dating apps Whitney Wolfe is easy to recognize. There are some men and women that see her out and about and they actually ask to get her autograph or take pictures with her. She is not a celebrity, but the recent bride has a life that resembles that of an entertainer….

End Citizens United Fights For America

Posted by in Political Games

In 2010, the Supreme Court heard the case of Citizens United vs. F.E.C. Citizens United argued that restricting corporations and unions from funding election campaigns was unconstitutional. The Court ultimately ruled in favor of Citizen’s United, paving the way for disastrous consequences in U.S. elections. This decision allows corporations, billionaires, and special interest groups to…


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