Month: December 2017

Lacey and Larkin-Champions of the People

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The Trump administration has changed the world of immigration with mandates and travel bans. Persistence talk of building a wall to stop unwanted immigration was the cornerstone of Trump’s campaign strategy. Since he has begun to put into law his immigration policies, minorities have lived in fear. The recent developments in DACA have put into…

Boraie Development: The Minds Behind A New Housing Complex In Atlantic City

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Atlantic City is now seeing a new apartment high rise coming to town that real estate investors are saying is coming up at just the right time. This new housing space is an $81 million project known as the Beach at South Inlet that one of New Jersey’s premier construction companies, Boraie Development is undertaking….

Meet Social Entrepreneur Greg Secker

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If there was never a role model for young entrepreneurs to follow Greg Secker has officially filled that vacancy. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker became a multimillionaire by his twenties. Which is a special achievement considering it takes many entrepreneurs 20 years before to become millionaires. The expert trader boasts one of the most…

How Does Equities First Handle Their Lending Pograms?

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Equities First Holdings handles all their lending programs with the best intentions for their customers. They have placed offices near their target areas in four countries, and they want to be sure that they have provided to their customers something that will be helpful in the future. They talk to their customers, and they provide…

Dr. David Samadi Is An Advanced Doctor

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There is much to be learned in an interview with any individual, and an interview that was completed with Dr. David Samadi allowed the world to learn more about this man and all that he is doing. There are certain people who are always working toward the future and figuring out ways to advance things…

Adam Milstein Accomplishments

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Those know Adam Milstein can attest to his ability to work with different people and also take part in humanitarian affairs and doing business with others. He has a lot of experience in real estate because he has worked for many years in the field. It is because of this experience that he has managed…

How to Plan Your Visit to the Mighty Fortress Church

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There is a major reason why so many people have made the decision to visit the Mighty Fortress Church. This is because of all of the programs that they have made available to you and your family. No matter your age, it is always a good idea for you to visit the Mighty Fortress Church…

James Dondero: A Finance Guru

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He is the president and one of the founders of highland capital management, an alternative investment firm James Dondero based in Dallas. Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership, the highland has pioneered in both the advancing credit-oriented solutions for retail investors and institutions worldwide and developing the collateralized loan obligation. It is mainly due to the many…

Adam Milstein: The real estate bigwig with a big heart

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Adam Milstein is not your everyday wealthy man as he is known for his philanthropic acts and a big heart. He is also the founder of Hager Pacific properties which is a well-known real estate company. In a recent interview, AMilstein lets us know about most of his life. For instance, he says that his…

Getting Ready for a Life Line Screening

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Many people are getting education on the preventative steps that they can take to pursue good health going forward. Approximately 9 out of 10 physicians will advise their patients to undergo a health screening. This is especially true if the patient has a known health condition like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. It is crucial…


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