A Few Facts About Online Reputation Management And How Status Labs Can Help

Many business owners whose businesses are reviewed online should respond rapidly to negative reviews so that they do not speak ill about the business. One such firm believer is Andrew Gruel who owns a chain of restaurants. In the not very far past, he was hit with many dozens of bad reviews by customers who complained that he was selling his food in very small portions and in high prices. Instead of fretting and waiting for the world to swallow him alive, he countered the reviews by sending emails to the customers begging them to come back. He then increased the portion sizes and even introduced combo meals. His trick worked and within a short period, the one star reviews had shifted into five stars.

He believes that a business can easily be buried by reviews because a very large percentage of customers rely on online reviews to gauge the business. A slight decline in stars rating can to a very large extent send a business into a slide. However, a small business should not be afraid to engage critics. If anything, it is healthy provided the conversation is kept professional and that the company apologizes where it is supposed to. By so doing, the business cements more trust into customers because it shows that it responds to complaints in a civil and courteous manner.

Status Labs is a company well known and respected because it provides online reputation management services to clients regardless of size, location and occupation. The services allow clients to engage their audiences effectively without having to worry about a tainted image. By creating compelling content, the company ensures that a client’s online portfolio drives maximum participation as well as sales.

Status Labs has in the past successfully increased its clients digital footprint and image management regardless of the amount of damage the image has suffered. The best thing with the company is the fact that it offers custom tailored services to match with every client’s needs. At the end of the day, Status Lab’s goal is to help its clients look their best in all online search engine results.

A Few Facts About Online Reputation Management And How Status Labs Can Help

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