Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an equity investment company currently based in New York City in the United States of America. It is private industry with the limited partnership. It is a company that focuses on leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions all over the United States. CCMP Capital was founded in 1984, but then it was known under a different name (Chemical Venture Partners), and name changed to the current CCMP in 2006 hence continuing the great investment strategies started by the firm’s professionals as members of JP Morgan Partners. Since then, CCMP Capital has adopted many names including Chase Capital Partners, JP Morgan Chase and JP Morgan Partners. Currently, CCMP Capital also manages both JP Morgan Partners Global Fund and CCMP Capital Investors 2.
CCMP Capital has greatly invested in the American economy since formation such that in 2006 it invested approximately $12 billion in leveraged buyout and growth capital transactions on crunchbase. In 2007, it was ranked 17th world largest company among world’s largest private equity funds. The company has over 50 employees with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. As a private equity investment company of global investment, the company has invested over $16 billion since 1984. Currently, CCMP Capital leverages the combined strengths of its propriety operating resources and industrial expertise to invest in four mainly targeted sectors that are consumer/retail, industrial, healthcare and energy. Due to great management and active investment the company has established a reputation as a world-class investment partner.
Stephen Murray was one of the greatest leaders of this company. He is a private equity investor and was born on August 2, 1962, but, unfortunately, died while he was at the age of 52years on March 12, 2015, His wife was Tami Murray, and they had four children. He got his higher education from Boston College and graduated with a degree in economics and later the Columbia Business School where he earned his Masters degree in Business Administration. Stephen Murray was named the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital in August 2006. Before his appointment, Murray had served on the board of many companies. Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist and cared for and supported many foundations. He supported Make A Wish Foundation, which was based in New York where he was a member of the chairperson’s council. He also supported Boston College where he was the chairperson of Board Of Trustees and Columbia Business School and the Stamford Museum.
CCMP Capital was once known as JP Morgan Partners but was changed when the investment professionals separated from JP Morgan Chase on July 31, 2006, hence the change in name to CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital also has a group of Advisors LLC, who have supported the company in becoming a giant in investment. This company proves to be a great company n equity investment.


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