A New Kind of Coaching For Realtors

For realtors who love to sell real estate, the downturn that followed the stock market crash of 2008 was a challenge, to say the least. The Great Recession that engulfed the economy after the real estate bubble burst made for some real soul searching among real estate professionals. Now however, the US economy is showing its grit and stamina, as the housing market continues to heat up. Today, employment figures are improving and people are searching again for their dream homes. All of this is, obviously, great news for realtors.

The Changing Face of Real Estate

Realtors who are beginning careers today are coming into a different kind of market that demands different strategies. That’s why many top firms today are calling on real estate experts to coach new realtors and to give them additional skills that can be used as they develop their careers. One of the top coaching firms working today is The Real Estate Mavericks, at www.RealEstateMavericks.com. This up and coming company has made a name for itself by coaching new realtors on to real success, with real results.

The Real Estate Mavericks was created by top luxury realtor Greg Hague, to fill a void in the coaching world. Hague, who is a 25-year veteran and one of the top realtors working in the US today, is often cited for his expertise on top media forums like The Wall Street Journal and NPR. It’s Hague’s philosophy that the old tried and true ideas that were once used to sell real estate are now stale. His coaching style uses bolder ideas to lock in sales and his style is getting major results.

Is it time to shake things up and lock in major sales? If so, get bold and give The Real Estate Mavericks a call. Check out the website today!

A New Kind of Coaching For Realtors

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