Adam Goldenberg Has Opened Up Local Stores For JustFab

If you’ve ever shopped at JustFab, you may have been blown away by all the fashion selections you saw at very affordable prices . But maybe you wanted to be able to see these fashion pieces up close and personal at a local chain store. Well now you can because JustFab also has local retail stores open in various cities across the country. JustFab’s co-founder and co-CEO Adam Goldenberg understood that customers still wanted to view and try on apparel before buying it, so he and his partner Don Ressler opened up stores across the nation. The first JustFab store opened up in Glendale, CA back in 2013.

JustFab has been a masterpiece that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have founded. Their vision was to create an online fashion shopping company that delivered stylish designs at an affordable price. JustFab has done just that, delivering fancy apparel to customers across the US and the globe. It has a subscription service that lets users add items to their account at a discounted price, and even VIP memberships. The social media experience has made the company fun and exciting to shop at. Adam Goldenberg has put a lot of hard work into this company, but he also has fun while he’s at it.

Adam Goldenberg was a young entrepreneur that had promise right from the start. He was already getting into business when he was still in high school, starting an online company called Gamer’s Alliance which pointed out gaming enthusiasts to niche websites. Intermix Media loved what Adam was doing, and he had barely gotten out of high school before they bought his company and hired him. Goldenberg was made chief operating officer of the company in only two years, the youngest person ever to achieve that position on a publicly traded company. But he also met Don Ressler while he was there who became his best friend.

Goldenberg and Ressler started up a lot of subsidiaries while at Intermix Media, but they left the company in 2005 to go onto bigger and better things. They first got into beauty and health products at their own Intelligent Beauty company, but they decided to take a step up into fashion and started JustFab. The company grew quickly thanks to the work of icons like Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson who brought lots of Twitter followers to the company. JustFab has been valuated at over $1 billion thanks to rounds of funding it’s received from Matrix Partners and other venture capital sources.


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Adam Goldenberg Has Opened Up Local Stores For JustFab

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