Adam Milstein: The real estate bigwig with a big heart

Adam Milstein is not your everyday wealthy man as he is known for his philanthropic acts and a big heart. He is also the founder of Hager Pacific properties which is a well-known real estate company. In a recent interview, AMilstein lets us know about most of his life. For instance, he says that his idea to create Hager Pacific properties struck him after he saw that his knowledge and expertise was not being appreciated by most job recruiters. Thanks to that Adam decided to take a solo path and started off by being a real estate commercial broker. In regards to how he brings his ideas to life, Milstein says that there is no special ingredient and that he only ensures that he pushes till they become a reality and also by handling your business yourself. Persistency, follow up and reliability are habits which differentiate him from other businessman and is what makes him productive as an entrepreneur. He has never had a lousy job and the fact that it takes there are myriads of ups and downs in real estate is a trend that excites him a lot. He urges other business people and those who are seeking success always to handle things themselves and be part of getting the solution instead of relying on other people to deal with their problems for them. To grow his business, Milstein does not set goals because they can be limiting instead he works as hard as he can to get things done and never lets negativity get to him. Like any other human, Milstein has had his failures, and he says one mistake that he has ever made as an entrepreneur is his desire for instant gratification. Milstein uses constant contact software and the last $100 he last spent was on dinner with his family. He recommends Dana Perino’s book, and the good news is because no matter what there is a positive side to everything.

Who is Milstein?

He is a man of Jewish origin who is behind the establishment of the Israeli American council and also holds senior positions on prominent charity organisations such as Stand With Us, Jewish Funders Network, and Israeli on-campus coalition among a few others. Adam is also a top player in the real estate industry, and as mentioned above he is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is a graduate of USC and holds an MBA. Adam is also known for his big heart and his fight against racial discrimination. He also wants to educate students who have an Israeli origin but live in the U.S about their culture and through the organisation founded by him and his wife Gina they provide monthly books which teach them about their Jewish culture and values.

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Adam Milstein: The real estate bigwig with a big heart

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