Alex Hern’s Triumphs And How He Achieved Them

Alex Hern, a businessman of tremendous savvy, thrives at the intersection of novel ideas and industry excellence. Given his affinity for technological advancements, it comes as no surprise that Hern’s dedicated the lion’s share of his entrepreneurial career to endorsing tech companies that are in their infancy. What’s more, he’s established various enterprises himself. Some corporations he’s founded and co-founded include ModusLink Global Solutions, ArcSight, Triton Network Systems,, Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO, and Military Commercial Technologies. While Hern assumed a pivotal role in bringing these organizations to fruition, his efforts didn’t end there. Visit to know more.

As the director of many of these institutions, Hern steers these businesses towards profitable directions using his extensive expertise. Moreover, Hern hopes that his keen insights and sage guidance will urge tech-based companies to embrace the GPU-driven era. In fact, Hern subscribes to the notion that the GPU era is already upon us, which is in large part why he pioneered his own corporation, Tsunami. This next-level collaboration platform strives to create a harmonious environment for engineers and scientists. More specifically, Hern has aspirations of devising such striking innovations within Tsunami’s walls that they’ll eclipse CPU-oriented modes of technology.


However, Hern expresses that Tsunami will be tackling such matters one step at a time. Reason being, Hern is of the school of thought that multitasking creates more hindrances than successes. Similarly, Alex Hern asserts that the path to entrepreneurship is comprised of carefully calculated moves as opposed to impulsive decisions. Taking the time to make “the right, long-term commitments” is a notion that Hern wholeheartedly upholds, and it’s a conviction he’s remained loyal to since embarking on his career. Another success tip Hern advocates is dedicating at least four hours a day to “your key goals.” However, it’s imperative that these hours be void of distractions. Given Hern’s immense success and ongoing triumphs, his philosophies are undoubtedly sound. Learn more about Alex at

Alex Hern’s Triumphs And How He Achieved Them

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