Alexandre Gama Had Lead A Unique Career In Marketing

Alexandre Gama had dedicated his career towards publicity. He has experienced multiple facets of the marketing industry, making him the most qualified marketer in all of Brazil. He is a native of Rio de Janeiro.

As a student of marketing, he soon found himself writing articles for some of the time advertising agencies in Brazil. Using his valuable experience, he had created Neogamma to play the market his own way.

The first few years of his company was incredible. It was considered to be the fastest growing company at the time and even had international connections. His company was also the first to win an award at the Cannes Festival in France.

Neogama had merged with the British branch of BBH in 2002. This new team had tackled both the Brazillian and international markets in a way never before experienced. The company had won even more awards, including more Lions from the Cannes Festival.

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Alexandre Gama Had Lead A Unique Career In Marketing

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