All You Want To Know About Image Recognition Technology

First of all, you may be wondering what is image recognition technology. How does it work? What is it used for and when do we need it? Read on to discover more about this software that is used for a number of reasons.

When Do We Use It?

One of the ways that you may recognize the use of image recognition technology is when you upload pictures on Facebook and you receive a request to tag specific people in the picture. Another way that image recognition technology is used in everyday life is through apps that help you to recognize or identify brands, types, or quality of a variety of products simply by taking pictures of them.

Slyce is one example of an image recognition technology app that helps consumers know more about products that they may be interested in. Slyce can scan an image of a product that you may be thinking about buying, a bar code, or even a coupon. It can answer all of your questions about whether or not a product is worth the price, if it’s a top quality item, what brand it is, etc., by providing you with immediate information when you need it.

How Does Image Recognition Technology Work?

The ability to scan images and get immediate information on products may seem like magic, but with the advancement in technology and the advancement in smart phone software it is no surprise that this type of feature exists.

Image recognition technology works in a way similar to what you would see on the popular T.V show “Person of Interest,” where technology recognizes fragments and features of a face and differentiates between them to identify a person, the difference being that image recognition technology can work for more than just facial recognition.

Understanding facial recognition can help us understand image recognition in general. Algorithms are designed to help the “computer” software recognize colors, patterns, and shapes in order to understand and recognize the image. Of course, for it to work the program must have a type of database of a number of products and items and that is where apps like Slyce are used to help consumers with the product information that they are looking for.

Why We Want It

With so much input going in and out of our minds on a daily basis, from our Facebook feeds to ads and commercials, being able to get information on products is a way to make decisions with more in depth information while on the go. Technology has allowed us to live more fast-paced lives and image recognition technology is just another way for us to live quickly and comfortably.

All You Want To Know About Image Recognition Technology

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