An Interview With Sheldon Lavin

An Interview with the CEOFCO Magazine, The Sheldon Lavins Journey from a Chicago Manager of a Global Food Processing Company.

Why Did he Enjoy Financial Advice?

Sheldon Lavin: Of course, I enjoyed the financial advice because he always imagined he was in a business he owned. My academic background was finance and accounting, and I followed that direction as it was my passion.

Why is he Involved in Meat Processing?

Sheldon Lavin: I was planning financially for the food factory that was formerly built by kolschowsky in West Chicago. Before the OSI Group received this name, it was a family business named Otto & Söhne, named after Otto Kolschowsky, and after a few decades, the company was transformed into OSI Group Industries. My indulgence to the company was the fact that I had a dream of owning the company.

What was Your Initial Vision for the OSI Group?

Sheldon Lavin: From the earliest years in the company, I have always worked to develop the company into world-class competition and as a first-class processing company.

How does your Involvement in McDonald House Charities Help You?

Sheldon Lavin: Our company is passionate and willing to give something back to the society in which we operate and conduct our business. Our company has a history to support the charitable groups within our means.

What is Your Global Reach and Product Range of OSI Today?

Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group is active in 17 countries with more than 100 facilities and is mainly involved in protein foods. However, these are not the only foods they offer. They also produce gravy, vegetables and sometimes baked foods.

How did You Succeed in Enlarging The OSI Group?

Sheldon: The OSI Group is an entrepreneurial company. There are set rules, the responsibilities of each worker and more the budgetary limit to minimize expenses, and above all, we work as a family in a love and unity. This culture makes us different. We are involved in this way because it makes us different and the best way to run our business has finally worked.

What is Your Future For The OSI Group?

Sheldon: My vision for the company is to continue to thrive and serve in all aspects of the world class. We long to be the largest grocery store in the food and processing industry.

An Interview With Sheldon Lavin

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