Andy Wirth And His Strong Belief In Clean Power


Andy Wirth is in support of the Reno City Council’s vote to support the Clean Power Plan, that is aimed at moving closer to renewable energy and away from power energy. By voting for the plan, the council also became a very integral entity in supporting the plan together with different private sector companies. According to Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy is happy that a healthy, new, sustainable growing economy has dawned, and it will have a very big impact providing equal opportunities to all. He is happy that big strides have been made regarding clean energy production. He is also glad that the companies that have been in the forefront in leading the way in the transition have put pressure on elected officials so as to hasten the pace.

Andy says that the time has come for the citizenry to ask more of the leaders it has elected. He is optimistic that the region can become much better if it can rely on clean energy for the rest of the 21st century and help make stronger and healthy economies. A vibrant economy can never be hindered by the progress made in the Clean Power Plan; if anything, it paves a better path for the same.

Andy believes that if all people support the Clean Power Plant, we can benefit from a growing economy and have hope for a better future that will be green. He also calls out to all elected officials to make advancements in clean energy production so as to achieve a robust regional economy.

Andy is the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a tourist destination he has worked tirelessly to keep at the top of the world in rankings. He is also a major contributor to all matters related to the environmental as well as community organizations that have a special emphasis on matters related to improving the future for all ages.

He has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for not less than twenty-five years and has in the past received many professional and community awards for his outstanding role in matters related to community service. He also participates in public speaking and 2014, he was the opening speaker for the Colorado’s State University graduation ceremony. In 2013, he was injured in a skydiving accident where his right hand was torn off and reattached surgically. He has also been part of raising funds for the Navy Seal Foundation that is an organization that supports team members and also their families when they return home.

Andy Wirth And His Strong Belief In Clean Power

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