Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley Resort

The incorporation has been seeking efforts of proposals to the Squaw Valley Resort CEO, Andy Wirth, that have cause nothing but a divisive ordeal between the two parties. Wirth says that it is a “recipe for disaster” if the incorporation were to seek their efforts thoroughly and carry them out in their fashion of plan. Wirth has been thankful and luckily has been able to seek some relief, because the incorporation has withdrawn their efforts from the Squaw Valley Resort and the seeking citizens of the community. Wirth strongly opposed their efforts and did not feel that they would be best fitting for the community and their needs.

The divisiveness has caused a lot of hard feelings, but Wirth hopes that with time and efforts of understanding, the two can come together and heal the wounds that have been opened. Their main concern is to do what is best for the community, and they want to continue being able to do so. The last few years they’ve experienced a drought throughout the famous Olympic Valley, and it has made it hard for the resort to fully succeed. Thankfully, they have also seen some relief from mother nature. They have witness to their first storm of the season and it is an early winter storm. Much snow has entered through the valley along with cold temperatures to help keep the snow in working condition for the outdoor enthusiasts.

Tourists, visitors and regulars come from all over to visit the resort and take part in the outdoor activities and the beauty of the resort. With is currently working on a project along with his team of experts. They are building a gondola that will connect the two resorts together, making easy access for the skier’s. This will be a huge improvement to the active seekers and they are excited, as well as looking forward to the final product. They will have the pleasure of enjoying both ski resorts by use of the gondola. Read more:

Wirth was born and raised in Germany. When he was eighteen years old, he moved to Colorado to attend college. He graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science degree from the Colorado State University. He moved to Steamboat, Colorado, and began working at the beautiful resort there.

He gained many years of experience, but actually grew up with the outdoors. His family was very much into the outdoors, and they were involved in the historical parks and recreation as well. So the transition to the Squaw Valley Resort as the CEO was an easy one for Andy Wirth. He has worked hard, and yet continues to work hard with his many envisions to make the resort better than it ever has been.

Andy Wirth – Squaw Valley Resort

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