B2B Ecommerce Sites Struggle With Building A Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

AI is changing the world faster than we’re able to imagine. One area in which AI has had an impact is in the use of recommendation engines for e-commerce websites. The pioneer in this field is Amazon, whom is very successful in being able to predict the interests of the modern consumer with their engine.

B2C companies have been quite successful in being able to implement a ecommerce recommendation engine. B2B companies have historically struggled with recommendation engines because many B2B companies are often late to adopt new technology. People who purchase items online through a B2B company are likely to also purchase from a B2C company, so consumers in the B2B space are expecting a very similar experience. Consumers frequently look at a B2B site in one window and a B2C site in another window often at the same time. B2C companies have also led the way in preparing tutorials and other content for their consumers, yet many B2B companies have yet to follow suit.

Some of the larger companies such as Grainger and MSC Industrial Supply are following the trend. These companies are committed to using an ecommerce recommendation engine, which has led to massive gains in sales growth. All executives from the top down at these larger companies are committed to using the best technology. Digital marketing means that there is a new approach for some of the larger companies to interact with their customers. Ecommerce is another channel that the large companies use to interact with their customers, and it’s not very different from in-person interaction or catalog interaction. Customers are able to interact with websites in a more robust way than they would have been able to in the past, as they are able to search for information on the company’s website now when they wouldn’t have been able to in the past.

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B2B Ecommerce Sites Struggle With Building A Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

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