Barbara Stokes on Helping Disaster Victims Through the Green Structure Homes Delivered

Barbara Stokes is currently the chief executive officer at Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) of Alabama. She attended Mercer University between 1996 and 2000 and graduated with bachelors in biomedical engineering and physics. While at Mercer University, she also studied thermodynamics, technical communications, manufacturing and management, structures, and properties of materials. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara Strokes previously worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. She has a vast understanding and experience of manufacturing. Barbara together with her team have demonstrated able leadership in Disaster Relief Construction Industry. She has a strong background in government’s contracting field, and she is enthusiast about heading GSH attempt to assist the government and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) house disaster, victim.

Barbara Stokes has achieved what seems impossible even for male executives because of her innovative thinking and vision. She has revamped GSH Company and brought in more deep expertise in the delivery of its services. As the CEO her roles include taking care of regulatory issues with the government, innovation mission, overall operations and growth strategies. She believes that housing solutions should exhibit modern technology, affordable to the customers, and environmentally friendly traits.

Barbara Stokes works hard to ensure that the GSH homes also offer highly durable housing units with minimal insurance premiums, reduced energy costs and they are low maintenance. She gives back to the community by participating in numerous volunteer works at the Huntsville area. Read this article at

About Green Structure Homes Delivered

Barbara and Scotts Stokes founded the Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC in 2008. The firm is located in Huntsville, Alabama in the disaster-relief construction industry. They have collaborated with FEMA and other government agencies to build temporary structures for housing disaster victims. GSH provides engineering, modern design, and manufacturing for both the civilian and government customer base.

The production department of GSH is equipped with AutoCAD and CNC machines to reduce labor cost and increase quality and accuracy. They use a well-maintained facility, quality focused procedures and high-quality materials on delivering good and clean workmanship. The management has a combined more than a hundred years’ experience that they bring to the company.

GSH of Alabama also offers administration logistics services. They include procurement of fleet parts, providing monthly reports on each fleet vehicle, overall facilities management electronically maintained records and complete maintenance documentation review. GSH of Alabama offers warehousing services by full communication with customers, accountability of products, inventory control is available through a web portal, and provision of energy services to reduce monthly utilizes, installation of technologically advanced ordering system and complete warehouse analysis.


Barbara Stokes on Helping Disaster Victims Through  the Green Structure Homes Delivered

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