Bob Reina, Changing Lives By Sharing Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Products

Talk Fusion has been committed to assisting people. Since 2007, Talk Fusion has been about building futures and giving back to communities in various parts of the world. The firm’s dedication is the type that changes lives. It is the same mission that Bob Reina, the founder and CEO is dedicated to.

Reina often notes that great achievement always come with a bigger responsibility. It is this idea that forms the basic part of the Talk Fusion’s culture. The idea is part its corporate DNA. It drives the things that individuals as well as the company do. That explains why Talk Fusion always endeavors to do more and help a large number of people.

The impact that Bob has made already across the world is outstanding. He is an influencer that leads by example. He uses actions to realize his vision. The actions are also carried pout repeatedly in the entire company along with the Independent Associates based in over 140 countries.

To further his cause, Bob recently began an exclusive program. It enables every Associate to give one free account to any charity they choose. The free account meant for charity is for the Custom Monthly Plan, Talk Fusion’s premier plan. It includes complete customization, branding, as well as access to Talk Fusion’s video marketing products. That includes Video Chat, Video Email, Sign-up Forms, Live Meetings, and Video Newsletters. The aim of the company is to facilitate nonprofits to promote their cause. Bob has been devoted to helping people and charities reach their goals using premier video marketing products. Learn more:

About Bob Reina
Bob Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion. Additionally, he is the founder of the world’s original Video Marketing Solution. Before starting the firm, Bob worked as a police officer. He started working as part time associate after he was introduced to network marketing in 1990. Bob was still in the force at the time. He was driven by his passion for network marketing to follow his entrepreneurial interests.

Under Bob’s leadership, Talk Fusion is currently one of the fastest expanding video communications internationally. It is among the top 7 video communications firms in the world. From the need to email a short video to his mother that could not be done, Bob has made it possible by transforming the idea into a successful company. Presently, Talk Fusion operates in more than 140 countries in many languages.

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Bob Reina, Changing Lives By Sharing Talk Fusion’s Video Marketing Products

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