Bob Reina: The Dream Boss

If you were to go around and ask people how they feel about their boss, I would go out on a limb and say they are not very fond of their boss and they don’t like them. They just tolerate them. That is a major problem going on in the world today. Too many bosses are power hungry and all they care about is themselves and making money for the company. They are losing sight of the fact that is about the people and the relationships you make. Bob Reina has done what so many people are failing to do as bosses: he has connected with his employees while also gaining their respect.


There is a common misconception that in order to get respect as a boss, someone needs to yell, scream, and really lay into people. It is the exact opposite. They earn their respect by their work ethic. If they see the person at the top busting their tail and putting in the work, chances are they going to want to do the exact same thing. It is infectious. They see that no one is above the work and no one is too good for it. The boss man or woman is willing to go out there and work the extra hours and do what is best for the company. That truly stands for something and it truly means something. Bob Reina gets that. Learn more:


He also connects with his employees and makes sure that everyone is on the same page. After all, they are a video communications company. They need to make sure the communication is running smoothly and everyone is on the same page with things. He connects with them because he listens to what they have to say and what is on their mind. If they have a great idea, they know it will be used at Talk Fusion.


At Talk Fusion, everyone that works there has a voice and they have the platform to use it and they know it will be heard and Bob Reina and everyone else at the company will respect it.




Bob Reina: The Dream Boss

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