Bob Reina’s Dedication to Service: How Talk Fusion is Changing Video Forever


If you look on the average mobile phone or computer, you will find a variety of video apps. Many of these apps only allow you to do one thing. If you want multifunctionality, especially as a business person, then it can be frustrating. You need to spend extra time synching devices, softwares, and paying more. But with Talk Fusion, that all changes. If you rely on digital technology to communicate with customers, or even if you just like to chat with friends, Talk Fusion is the perfect technology to do it.

The main product of Talk Fusion is the original Video Email: a service that lets you send emails with embedded (rather than linked) email. It’s a better way to communicate with customers. This product also allows you to avoid downloading hefty software that slows your device down. By simply hopping into an online portal you can upload any video you like and send it to your desired recipients. You even have the luxury of hundreds of prefilled templates for you to work with (if you’re in a rush).

Additionally, Talk Fusion offers video conferencing, video newsletters, live chat, and more. Imagine the business possiblities when you add this product to your arsenal. And the newest functionality is built-in WebRTC (browser based real tiem communication) so you can actually record your emails in HD right in the browser you are using.

Bob Reina founded the company in 2007 while still working as a police officer in Florida. He was doing network marketing and direct sales at the time already in order to bring in additional income. He has always had a passion for helping people and finding unique solutions.

This passionate leadership has brought him and his company, Talk Fusion, where they are today. He has earned a reputation for helping out the community and helping animal causes as well. He even treats his employees better than any CEO, allowing them to win vacations and pay bonuses. He is known as being humble and accessible in the company, willing to help people when they have a question. Clearly, Bob Reina is a leader that other tech companies should look to.


Bob Reina’s Dedication to Service: How Talk Fusion is Changing Video Forever

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