Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas Facts and Where to Get it Done

Many Americans are not as happy with their butts as they used to be, for a variety of reasons. Whether it be recent weight loss or gain, exercise, or simple aging; many are less-than-thrilled about the current appearance of their rear. The traditional butt lift is a more invasive procedure, usually for those with loose or sagging skin, whereas, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a produces a more subtle augmentation. Before getting a butt lift of any kind, a person has to be deemed to be a good candidate for the procedure.


A good candidate needs to be in good or reasonable health, as this is a surgical procedure that will need to be recovered from. This good health needs to be mental as well, someone getting this (or any other) plastic surgery procedure needs to have realistic and healthy expectations for what they will look like after the surgery. It is also beneficial to be a substance-free individual, as drugs and alcohol can hinder the recovery from surgery. Further candidacy requirements apply based on the specific procedure, and each individual plastic surgeon will provide their specific rules and suggestions before the surgery.


If one fits the requirements to get a butt lift, there are several places in the Dallas Metro and surrounding areas that can provide a quality service for a reasonable price. North Texas Plastic Surgery is run by Dr. Sacha Obaid, a internationally-acclaimed plastic surgeon. Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is another quality choice, with multiple locations for maximum convenience. Finally, for a more individualized approach, Zachary Farris M.D. is a double board certified plastic surgeon operating in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, there are several more options for Dallas plastic surgeons, if one is set upon getting a butt lift or Brazilian butt lift.


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