Brian Bonar Has Made History Again

Brian Bonar, chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corp., continues to make history in his career. This time around he was named the Who Executive of The Year in Finance by The Cambridge. This is a major deal because only two males and two females are chosen for it. Those who are chosen for the award are chosen based on leadership abilities, accomplishments and academic achievements.

It’s no secret why Bonar was chosen for the honor. This is because he is responsible for a large selection of both employer and employee benefits, as well as aftermarket products. His company gives clients a number of employee programs that are designed to increase their business’s efficiency.

About Brian Bonar And His Work

Bonar has an extensive career, which began at IBM. He worked as the company’s procurement manager and he outsourced the motherboards for many of the computers that the company produced and sold. After he left IBM, he went to QMS and worked there for four years as the director of engineering.

He left QMS in 1989 and took a position at the Rastek Corporation, which is where he started to become more involved with the printing industry. In fact, he became the sales manager at Adaptec, which had him working alongside companies that manufactured printers.

He also founded a number of companies. One of those companies was Bezier Systems. He also founded AMS Outsourcing. Eventually he founded Dalrada Financial Services. Since 1999, his company has focused on improving management strategy, as well as direct sales. In addition to being the CEO of his company, he is the CEO of Trucept. He has been the company’s CEO since 2001, and that company provides temporary staff and insurance products for companies based in San Diego, California.

As you can see, Brian Bonar has extensive work experience and he has worked hard to get to where he is today.

Brian Bonar Has Made History Again

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