Brief History of CipherCloud

CipherCloud is a company that works on internet and cloud based security, organization and management. They are well known for their ability to update other businesses by moving information from old sources of information storage to secure cloud. CipherCloud offers their clients loss prevention, searchable encryption, malware detection and tokenization for their information. They can also set up user activity monitoring services. These services can be applied to both small and large amounts of data, allowing CipherCloud to work with a variety of different companies. Clients can also specify how much of their security they want to control themselves and how much CipherCloud controls.

In late 2010 CipherCloud was founded in San Jose, California by Pravin Kothari. By February 2011 the internet security company was up and running, however, it only handle small amounts of data and focused its work on information inputted through As the 2011 progressed CipherCloud increased the websites they were working with by adding Amazon Web Services integration. This caused a major boon for both companies throughout the following year.

The year of 2012 was outstanding for CipherCloud. Following the success with Amazon, they were able to raise almost $1.5 million in funds from Andreessen Horowitz. Larger companies from all over were lining up to join forces with the internet security, including, Microsoft, Chatter and Google’s Gmail. By the end of 2012 CipherCloud has completed another round of funding with Andreessen Horowitz, earning the company another $30 million. With the increased amount of both clients and funds CipherCloud was able to hire more internet security personnel and expand to different locations. Their European headquarters is located in London, England and their Australian headquarters is located in Sydney.

Between 2013 and 2014 CipherCloud worked with the Communications Security Establishment and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to release several new services to their clients. They included: Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE), Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP), Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) and Cloud Discovery. Cloud Discovery was CipherCloud’s first big step toward cloud-based security and it was very efficient at analyzing and determining certain specified risks information had within a cloud. This was another well-timed advancement for the company. During this time CipherCloud also joined Box Inc., which focused on sharing files online, and acquired CloudUp Networks, which specialized in tracking data and how it moved through cloud-based systems.

Since they were founded CipherCloud has won numerous titles and awards. In 2013 they won “Best Emerging Technology in Information Security” and “Information Security Product of the Year” from SC Magazine. In 2014 Pravin Kothari, won “CEO of the Year” at the annual Info Security Global Excellence Awards. Lastly, in 2014 the company won 10 awards, including Greatest Company Growth and Grand Trophy Winner, at the Info Security Global Excellence Awards.

Brief History of CipherCloud

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