Canadian Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert Models Effective Leadership in Business

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who has proven that hard work and determination can take a person from aspiration to achievement. He was born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958. Although he had an unremarkable childhood in many ways, he did discover his interest in business and entrepreneurship at an early age. He learned that he could achieve his goal of prosperity by applying himself and working hard to succeed.

Pursuing a major in production management at HEC Montreal Business School helped him learn that goods must be produced in the right quantity with the best possible quality, at a fast speed, and at the minimum cost to allow for a maximum profit. These skills served him well in his first job running an assembly line for General Motors in St. Therese, Quebec. Chenevert’s boss, Guy Hachey, was impressed with his work and the two young, motivated men formed a team. Each time Hachey got a promotion, he assigned Chenevert to his former position.

After 14 years, Chenevert entered the aerospace industry, working at Pratt & Whitney (PWC) Canada in 1993 and moving to the larger affiliated P&W in 1996. PWC’s focus was to make smaller aircraft engines, whereas P&W created larger engines. When Chenevert came to P&W, the company was not doing well financially. By making some changes/improvements in the organization, profits began to increase and the company thrived.

Both PWC and P&W are subsidiaries of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a large corporation that has civilian and military contracts producing products such as elevators, HVACs, security systems as well as aircraft engines. While other companies were struggling to survive, United Technologies Corporation (UTC), under the leadership of CEO Chenevert, was expanding and thriving.

When asked in an interview how he brought his ideas to life to bolster the company, Chenevert replied that he maintained a focus on small teams with effective leadership, making sure they had the tools and funds to create game-changing products. He also opted to ignore outsourcing and keep the company in one central location for effective functioning, investing in the employees so the employees can take the company to new heights of success.

Canadian Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert Models Effective Leadership in Business

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