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Desiree Perez, the Music Negotiator

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Desiree Perez also known as Des Perez has been a close companion to Jay Z for almost twenty years. She has an extremely long trail with running the SC Enterprises. She has emerged to be qualified for such an important position. Perez is a fierce and tough negotiator and has an unique past. From the…

James Dondero: A Finance Guru

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He is the president and one of the founders of highland capital management, an alternative investment firm James Dondero based in Dallas. Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership, the highland has pioneered in both the advancing credit-oriented solutions for retail investors and institutions worldwide and developing the collateralized loan obligation. It is mainly due to the many…

The Philanthropy of George Soros

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George Soros has recently given away $18 billion to Open Society Foundations, an action that is greater in scale than most philanthropy but hardly unprecedented for the man himself. Soros developed the first Open Society foundation in 1984, and has been giving them quite a bit of money over the years. According to the New…

Mike Baur’s Role In Ensuring New Companies Have a Lifeline to Impact the Future

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Mike Baur is a Swiss-born entrepreneur known for co-founding the Swiss Startup Factory. He boasts of experience of over two decades in the banking sector. Baur left banking and ventured into investing in startups before partnering with two other individuals to start Startup Factory in 2014. He has also participated as a judge in a…

The Achievements That Sheldon Lavin Has Made Under Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership

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The OSI Group is one of the world’s major suppliers of meat and meat products. When the company started out, they were just a small business outfit with their main client being McDonald’s. However, with the help of David McDonald, the business consultant who became a partner, they have managed to extend their reach to…

Bob Reina Is Consistent and Reliable

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Life is filled with ups and downs, that much is for sure. It is going to throw people some good times and some hard times. One of the best ways to figure out someone’s inner strength is how they handle adversity. When things are going really, really well, it is easy to keep things in…

What Jason Hope Thinks About The Growth Of Internet Of Things

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Many people have been celebrating the changes that over the years have been made to the world of technology. What technology has done is it has made life easier and better for many people and its development moves at a rapid pace that before you fully explore one technology, a replacement is already availed. Internet…

Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory

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The Swiss Start-Up Factory is an accelerator based in Zurich and established in 2014 in search of thriving digital entrepreneurs. Through their robust and widespread network both within Switzerland and around the entire world, the Swiss Start-Up Factory offers exciting opportunities to digital entrepreneurs from the very beginning. The Swiss Start-Up Factory runs a start-up…

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Facilitating Businesses Growth

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  Bob Reina is the founder Talk Fusion, which presently is the seventh largest company in the world. Talk Fusion is a world leader in Marketing Solutions and is dedicated to helping businesses grow through proprietary, patent-pending video technology. Talk Fusion products are normally marketed by Independent Associates in more than a hundred and forty…

Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Talks Business and Philanthropy

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The founder of London based financial services firm Solo Capital sat down and had an recent interview. During this interview Sanjay Shah talked about his philanthropic activities along with his business experiences. The main thing Shah discussed was his charitable organization called Autism Rocks. This is an organization that raises awareness and funds research for…

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