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Bob Reina Is Consistent and Reliable

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Life is filled with ups and downs, that much is for sure. It is going to throw people some good times and some hard times. One of the best ways to figure out someone’s inner strength is how they handle adversity. When things are going really, really well, it is easy to keep things in…

Bob Reina’s Dedication to Service: How Talk Fusion is Changing Video Forever

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  If you look on the average mobile phone or computer, you will find a variety of video apps. Many of these apps only allow you to do one thing. If you want multifunctionality, especially as a business person, then it can be frustrating. You need to spend extra time synching devices, softwares, and paying…

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Facilitating Businesses Growth

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  Bob Reina is the founder Talk Fusion, which presently is the seventh largest company in the world. Talk Fusion is a world leader in Marketing Solutions and is dedicated to helping businesses grow through proprietary, patent-pending video technology. Talk Fusion products are normally marketed by Independent Associates in more than a hundred and forty…

Coriant’s True Story

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  Communications and technology will always be constantly evolving and changing in today’s era. Change being a constant is one reason why companies in the telecom business such as Coriant are becoming more relevant with each passing day. Coriant is the name of a telecommunications company that first came into existence in 2013, while the…

Fabletics’ Kate Hudson Launches a Sizzling Summer Line

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Fabletics is a line of athletic gear that can go from day to night with smooth transition. The women’s fashion line was developed by none other than Kate Hudson. The target customer for Kate’s fun sporty line are for girls that are athletic or as she says a bit on the lazy side of outfitting….

The Tenure of Shaygan Kheradpir in Coriant Solutions Limited

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Shaygan Kheradpir is an experienced and skilled entrepreneur. He started his career in 1987 when he was employed by the GTE Labs. In GTE, Kheradpir has responsibilities such as control of network systems, general management, and network routing. Kheradpir commitments and dedications in this firm impressed his seniors, and he was promoted to be the…

Shaygan Kheradpir Looks To Lead Coriant To A Successful Future

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The technology startup Coriant has recently been looking for the best ways of pushing its range of data transmission technology into the forefront of the telecommunications industry. Coriant is hoping it will add to the reputation developed before Marlin Equity Partners purchased the Nokia department responsible for creating business for the telecommunications giant and created…

Ken Griffin Gives Back To Kids Just Like Him

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Ken Griffin is a graduate of Harvard College, and he is a self-made billionaire who started his first fund while he was in college. He believes in the cause of higher education, and he is putting his money where his mouth is. A man with a total net worth of nearly six billion dollars can…

President of Highland Capital Management

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James Dondero is quite the guy. With his unique strategies for investing, he has made a very dominant name for himself. As a graduate from the University of Virginia, he received his degree with a focus in finance and accounting. He has taken businesses from rags to riches in just a matter of years, and…

Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth A Man Of Determination

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Andy Wirth is a man of many parts. Not only is he enjoying a successful career as CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, he has implemented a number of exciting upgrades that has brought the corporation from the brink. When Wirth took over in 2010, the resort was at its lowest. In the five years…

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