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Dr. David Samadi Discusses Pros and Cons of Prostate Surgery Vs. Radiation

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Dr. David Samadi says that former Presidential candidate and Governor Mitt Romney is doing well. Mitt Romney disclosed that he underwent prostate surgery for a tumor that was slowly growing in his prostate. It is likely that this announcement is a result of his intentions to run for the Senate in Utah when the current…

Life Line Screening Now Offering Cardiovascular Screening

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Heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women. Even in cases where deaths were attributed to other causes, many cases were found to also have cardiovascular issues that might have contributed to the death. Life Line Screening now offers cardiovascular screening to encourage people to be aware of their heart health. This…

Dr. David Samadi Is An Advanced Doctor

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There is much to be learned in an interview with any individual, and an interview that was completed with Dr. David Samadi allowed the world to learn more about this man and all that he is doing. There are certain people who are always working toward the future and figuring out ways to advance things…

Getting Ready for a Life Line Screening

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Many people are getting education on the preventative steps that they can take to pursue good health going forward. Approximately 9 out of 10 physicians will advise their patients to undergo a health screening. This is especially true if the patient has a known health condition like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. It is crucial…

Dr. Mark McKenna: The Enterprising Entrepreneur

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Looking at the portfolio that Dr. Mark McKenna has built over the years, it is no wonder he has become so successful. During his recent interview with, he answers some questions about that success. Currently, Dr. McKenna resides in Atlanta where he has launched his new medical company, OVME. OVME is just a recent…

Life Screening Saves Lives through Early Diagnosis

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In a world filled with emerging diseases, it is important to have early diagnosis to curb diseases. One of the leading causes of death is late diagnosis. That is why Life Line Screening is a valuable organization in the world. Life Line Screening is a leading organization that deals with the early diagnosis of diseases…


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