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Securus Helps Inmates with Future Communication

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Securus is known as the leading technology provider for inmates incarcerated in prison and other correctional facilities. Securus has been on the front line of ensuring that it helps these facilities which are their main clients achieve success as far as monitoring, investigation, and correction is concerned. This explains why it is a major player…

Securus Silences Competitor with a Show of Power and Might

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Securus Technologies is a communications technology and data service private firm specializing in telecommunications, call management systems and data analytics and providing specific services such as government information management solutions, parolee tracking and monitoring products, emergency response and incident management, biometric analysis and inmate communications. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and work with over…

Securities Giant Securus Technologies Corrects Inaccurate GTL Press Release

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On June 7th, 2016, GTL (Global Tel Link) issued an inaccurate press release that led readers to believe that GTL was further along in lawsuits against Securus, and that the possibility of these lawsuits going through were more successful than they are. These lawsuits have to deal with the issue of patents. An example of…

ConnectUs Will Save Time and Headaches

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Securus Technologies is constantly working to improve, innovate and find ways to apply today’s technology in real and practical ways. A new communications platform, aptly called ConnectUs, is much more than a communications portal. One of the greatest headaches facing the corrections facilities today, an industry supported by Securus, is having the staff inundated with…

Securus Technologies services to public safety.

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Securus Technologies have recently grown to the best and leading service provider for criminal justice technology and solutions improving public life. Correction agencies and law enforcement rely on secures technologies to collect and gather information. Their solutions are designed to help law enforcement to visualize, consolidate, store and distribute valid information. Securus technology offers remedies…

Securus Leading with Technology Solutions

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Providing Criminal Justice and Civil Technology for Safety Through Inmate Communication Software Securus Technologies is leading with superior analytical tools in corrections. They lead and deliver highly advanced “Big Data” analytical tools. Securus is a solid provider of exceptional technology, this technology is intended to provide safety for the public. They have just made further…


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