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How Did Bob Reina Create The Best Video Conference Platform In The World?

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Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion, and he has created a video conference system that anyone will enjoy. It may be used in homes and offices every day, and it will allow users to see those they wish to speak to. The system was created by Bob to serve anyone with a video…

All You Want To Know About Image Recognition Technology

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First of all, you may be wondering what is image recognition technology. How does it work? What is it used for and when do we need it? Read on to discover more about this software that is used for a number of reasons. When Do We Use It? One of the ways that you may…

Securus Leading with Technology Solutions

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Providing Criminal Justice and Civil Technology for Safety Through Inmate Communication Software Securus Technologies is leading with superior analytical tools in corrections. They lead and deliver highly advanced “Big Data” analytical tools. Securus is a solid provider of exceptional technology, this technology is intended to provide safety for the public. They have just made further…

Free 4G Service Coming to the UK Thanks to FreedomPop

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FreedomPop has now crossed the Atlantic and began offering a free 4G service which aims to compete with various low-cost mobile service providers in the UK, such as Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk. The company is aiming to expand its operations internationally and is doing so thanks to investments made by various venture capitalists. As reported…

Handy Home Cleaning Becomes The Online Cleaning Market Leader

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Although Handy Home Cleaning Services have been growing fast over the past few years, their success triggered a lot of competition in their industry, creating a dogfight for the position of industry leader. In what is good news for stakeholders in their business, another major competitor exited the market place a few months ago, allowing…


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