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The Key to Keeping Employees Satisfied

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One of the harsh realities of owning or running any size business is that employees sometimes leave without reason or notice. All business owners know how rates of employee turnover can be a massive headache. Firstly, it is a very expensive process to keep up with. Not only does a new employee have to be…

Leading Online Reputation Management Firm is That Good

Posted by in Online Reputation, Public Relations

Since 2011, Status Labs has been making a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that Fortune 500 companies trust the company to create a good online profile. Simply because one mistake makes it into the open and onto social media platforms doesn’t mean that it must define someone’s life. No one knows that better than…

Darius Fisher in the Innovation 50

Posted by in Internet, Public Relations

Darius Fisher is a well known entrepreneur and investor for several companies that have been successful in the past decade, including Sozo, CrowdOptic, Les Trois Petits Cochons and The Zebra. Fisher is interested in companies that have something to do with digital marketing, technology, government, public affairs, or commercial and residential real estate development. Other…


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