CipherCloud: Evolving Your Information Integration

The world of business is changing more rapidly than any other form technology
takes. The way that all of this information is compiled and fused together is a difficult task to say the least.
CipherCloud is working to change this with encryption to accelerate the cloud adoption rate.
Basically, what this means is that your information is only accessible via the cipher key.
This “key” being a very specific mathematical algorithm. Simply put, the
algorithm is the only way to decipher the information on screen.

What does this mean for your business? More safety. Cryptography is the cornerstone of internet security and is only getting better. This makes adopting cloud services safe while providing more control and added security. Cloud security is an extremely growing and important issue. A notion made double loud by the $50M in Series B funding backed by Transamerica Ventures and Delta Partners along with others funding this tech.

The more we grow in our technological reach around the globe, the more aware we must be about our security in it. It is a responsibility to the clients and the company. These advances in safety precautions are welcome to many enterprises worldwide. These including five of the top accredited banks, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to name a few. Any enterprises with this much at stake, must be comfortable with the system’s reliability.

The aforementioned pile of cash is being used to expand the company in all directions. Opening up new markets, hiring more employees and additional advertising efforts are surely on the way. Logical next steps for any company in their position. This should be a springboard to the next stages of growth for this developing cloud technology.

For company at only four years in business, they are off to a great start. The needs of the ever-expanding client base are going to continue to evolve. This is a company that is primed to do the same. Keeping their momentum is paramount right now, as they are getting this surge in financial backing. At three million and counting, their client base is getting stronger everyday. A large number of these clients being very focused in their security matters.

Moving your company’s vital information to cloud services places all of your trust
in another company. It is not so cut-and-dried as (put up a firewall) any more.
The information age is here and it is barreling forward at great speed.
The enterprises that thrive in times like these are the ones who adapt.

CipherCloud is a company that is arrow focused on it’s future goals,
while maintaining awareness of their clients present needs.

CipherCloud: Evolving Your Information Integration

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