ClassDojo Has Made Teaching Stress-free for Teachers

Teachers today are constantly looking for ways to improve the classroom experience. To manage a class is always a challenge for every teacher.
ClassDojo has been significant in reducing the many problems that teachers have faced particularly when there is a need to involve the parents. ClassDojo is a class management system tool. It has been significant in helping teachers shape the best of behavior in their students. It is easy to set up and use and can be used in both Apple and Android devices. It can be operated from a computer, tablet or a smartphone.
The way class ClassDojo works is that every student is assigned an avatar. After the class is set up the teacher has the ability to assign every student’s point for both positive and negative behaviors. Awarding of the points can be given to individual student or to group. ClassDojo comes with a list of behaviors, but you also have the option to create your list. Teachers that use ClassDojo are usually able to give their students immediate feedback; thus, students are always kept active and on their toes.
When students are awarded points with ClassDojo, there is a distinct sound that indicates a student has been awarded points. ClassDojo indeed does motivate students as they all want to gain positive points. The app has been significant in helping teachers and also parents keep track of the students’ behavior. It also can automatically generate a report automatically that can be sent to the parents. ClassDojo dojo has made the learning process more effectively as it has brought parents to the daily activities of their children at school. Monitoring of a child progress with daily reports about kids’ performance keeps the teachers and students alert at all times.
ClassDojo helps in saving time as the behavior and activities of all students is recorded by a click of a button.
Towards the end of last year (2015) co-founders of ClassDojo reported having raised $21 million to help improve further the tech. ClassDojo was made to stand out from other education techs. ClassDojo offers more than curriculum materials. With this app, the students’ teachers and parents are able to work together, and this helps motivate the students and raise morale in the classroom.
The parents are now actively involved with school work on a daily basis thanks to ClassDojo. In the past, a parent had to go to the school to get the full details of their kids’ progress.
The company in the future aims at improving ClassDojo to make it more useful for parents w=to use it while at home.
For the complete story about ClassDojo and the fundraising visit TechCrunch.


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