Compassionate Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

For many of us out there, cosmetic surgery becomes a necessary thing. Sometimes cosmetic surgery is used to repair or reconstruct damage done in an accident. It can also be used to create something from nothing, to give a person a nose or lips where before, through any number of occurrences, they did not have.


Cosmetic surgery is also utilized by many people to change or alter their face or body. Cosmetic surgery often can be the one thing that enables people to live happy and normal lives. There are many procedures that fall under the category of cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks, liposuction and fat removal, face and butt lifts as well as a number of other procedures.


One of the key things to keep in mind if you are considering cosmetic surgery is your health. Keeping yourself to a diet of healthy foods and appropriate exercise will ensure that your body can handle the procedures as well as the healing process. Additionally, keeping yourself healthy will ensure that the results of your procedure stick.


There are many highly skilled cosmetic surgeons available and some of the best practice in the Dallas, Texas, area of the nation. One of the best is Dr. Sam Jejurikar, renowned for his compassion, respect and attention to detail. His bedside manner and respect have earned him a place among the very few physicians who are recommended for a Compassionate Doctor award.


In addition to his services in the Dallas area, Dr. Jejurikar also takes an annual trip to Bangladesh to help participate in the organization Smile Bangladesh’s efforts to help impoverished children to get the care they need.


Dr. Jejurikar was educated at the University of Michigan and received high honors throughout his academic career. It is his attention to detail and his training that enables him to give his patients the best quality care in both noninvasive and surgical procedures.


Compassionate Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

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