Congrats on Eating Healthier! But What About Your Pet?

People are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and as a result they are also taking notice of what’s going into the bodies of their pets. Dog food companies have noticed this trend and have begun catering to these pet owners by offering them premium dog food options. This dog food smells more like a Thanksgiving meal than a stinky can of ordinary pet food. Premium dog food contains ingredients that you would find on your dinner plate, such as spinach, apples, blueberries, and green beans to name a few. The Beneful line from Purina, a company with a well-established name in the dog food industry, was one of the earlier high quality healthy dog food lines to enter the market. Since it’s introduction, it has added other healthy premium products to this line which feature an assortment of dry and wet food options for large and small dogs, as well as high quality treats. A potential concern is that the cost of Beneful premium dog food may hit a pet owner hard in the wallet as it can be double the amount of non-premium dog food. And with some of the current product lines available, customers may feel that they have to choose between quality vs. price. Beneful resolves this issue by offering several lines of high quality dog food at reasonable prices. The customer ratings on Beneful’s website are high overall as customers overwhelming express their satisfaction with this high quality premium dog food line. But, is high quality dog food a passing trend or the new norm? According to this article, “sales of premium dog food have surged 45 percent to $10.5 billion in the U.S. since 2009 and now account for more than half of the market.” Sales are expected to hold strong over the next few years as more people become increasingly health conscious and seek out higher quality foods for themselves, and hopefully, for their four-legged family members as well.


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