ConnectUs Will Save Time and Headaches

Securus Technologies is constantly working to improve, innovate and find ways to apply today’s technology in real and practical ways. A new communications platform, aptly called ConnectUs, is much more than a communications portal.

One of the greatest headaches facing the corrections facilities today, an industry supported by Securus, is having the staff inundated with paperwork. Securus, as they always do, developed a solution utilizing the ConnectUs platform. An article announcing the release of ConnectUs revealed some of the details.

According to the article, now inmate grievance applications and other communications can be accomplished through the ConnectUs feature allowing for greater efficiency and less work. This also has mutual benefits for inmates and their families as well as for those who govern the inmates and the facility.

Inmates housed in the corrections facilities are able to complete communications forms quicker, and the processing will be faster resulting in quicker response times. In addition to this, officers and staff have less paperwork to file, easier and quicker automated forms and a reduced paperwork load.

Once again, Securus has done what they have always done and continue to do, for and with enforcement agencies and corrections facilities everywhere – find technological solutions to serve public safety, law enforcement and corrections industries.

ConnectUs Will Save Time and Headaches

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