Current Grass Root Efforts & Its Link To Technology

Technology has touched almost all areas of our lives and the long, arduous painstaking task of political organizing of the past has now been influenced too. Today, instead of performing all of those labor intensive tasks we now have technology to help lighten the load of the many grass root efforts. It takes a lot of effort to process the vast amounts of data used to link data to voters and campaigns. The current voter model is large-scale and structured to identify a potential voter base that has a high probability to support a particular candidate’s platform. Democrats use this voter model to get a feel for who might come out and vote for them on an election day. President Barack Obama is a prime example of using this big data technology processing voter model and social media for both his re-election and his initial election. Obama’s nationwide, enormous campaigns were supported by NGP VAN.


NGP VAN, Inc., formally known as the Voter Activation Network, Inc has served the Democratic Party and their campaigns and authorized non-profit organizations for quite some time. NGP VAN, Inc.’s digital platform is a privately owned database and web hosting service provider that’s utilized mainly for digital and field organizing, fund-raising and campaign financing compliance by the American Democratic Party. In addition, the data base is used for the Liberal Party Of Canada, labor unions and many organizations willing to adopt a progressive platform solution. NGP VAN Inc. is a technology leader that provides Democrats with an advantage that’s supported by data driven solutions which can serve as a base for technology focused campaign strategies.

Most if not all campaigns now rely on ever-changing technology platforms that have kept up with ever-changing trends and all parties must keep up with both in order to be a valid contender. Failure to stay apprised of technology and political trends could easily equal failure.

NGP VAN Inc. use different modalities to run technology driven shrewd campaigns and meet the various needs of a campaign. One modality focuses on data collection for visualization for campaign staff and organizers to analyze their data to rapidly determine if their campaign is progressing the way it should be. Also, fund-raising efforts employ a technology driven modality to allow potential donors to swiftly donate funds, keep track of the donations and file the donations with the FEC. In addition, canvassing is now no longer complicated since NGP VAN digitally eliminates the pencil and paper door to door canvassing by volunteers.

Current Grass Root Efforts & Its Link To Technology

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