Darius Fisher in the Innovation 50

Darius Fisher is a well known entrepreneur and investor for several companies that have been successful in the past decade, including Sozo, CrowdOptic, Les Trois Petits Cochons and The Zebra. Fisher is interested in companies that have something to do with digital marketing, technology, government, public affairs, or commercial and residential real estate development. Other than work he enjoys watching or playing soccer and traveling around the world.He attended college at Vanderbilt University and graduated with honors and a degree in economics.

Fisher is the President and Co-founder of Status Labs, which is the company he is most associated with. Status Labs is an online reputation management website that works with other businesses to assist with their digital marketing and public relations firm. This can be anything from fixing handling online crises, increasing digital reputations or repairing damage after the fact. This can be done through the other company’s website, Twitter, Facebook or other social media websites. Status Labs can also influence Google’s search results. This ability for people to obtain a “second chance” on the internet can be seen as a godsend for a media which is well known for storing information forever.

With his background in economics and influence from the numerous companies that he had invested in, Fisher was able to hire more more than thirty additional employees. He was also able to use his connections with various award winning public relations agencies to expand Status Lab’s influence. It didn’t take long for Fortune 500 companies to come to his company for their services. With the increase in customers Fisher was able to expand to Latin America and Europe, encompassing 35 different countries. Since it was founded, just over four years ago, Status Labs has worked with thousands of different businesses, and due to the upcoming presidential election, many politicians and other public figureheads. Fisher’s methods have been called professional,

In September 2015 Darius Fisher was awarded a spot in the Innovation 50 by PRWeek. PRWeek recognizes those who have made a big impact in the fields digital communications or technology public relations and congratulates them on their service.

Darius Fisher in the Innovation 50

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