Darius Fisher Shares Tips For Cleaning Up Your Online Image

Inappropriate social media posts and photos can damage your personal success, and once you have posted them, it’s hard to get them to go away. But, there are things you can do to clean up your presence on the internet and make sure that you impress potential employees and other important officials.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, recently shared a few tips to clean up your Google search results. Fisher’s company is a startup that has combined public relations techniques with online engineering techniques to mediate digital crisis and control search results.

Fisher cofounded the company four years ago, and since then, has grown its staff and opened offices in São Paulo and New York. Fisher’s business works to clean up public figures’ reputations by editing what others see when they search them online. The company serves more than 1,500 customers in 35 countries around the globe. Here are Fisher’s tips for cleaning up your image online:

1. Log out of your social media profiles.

If you log out of your social media accounts and clear your browser history, you will be able to see what everyone else can see when they google your name. If you are logged in, you will get personalized results that will not give you an accurate idea of what others see when they search you.

2. Look for and remove anything negative.

If you notice anything negative when you conduct your google search, you can remove these posts or manage your privacy settings so they do not show up.

3. Create new content about yourself.

If you create new content, you provide Google with more relevant information about yourself that will show up first in a search. People won’t always be willing to search through pages of search results.

4. Beware of data brokers.

Companies like Whitepages and PeopleSmart collect personal information from the internet to create personal profiles for you. It’s possible to opt-out of a lot of these websites, but some sites create profiles automatically, so you have to continuously check the information that’s out there.

5. Be proactive about the information you can’t control.

There will always be information that’s posted about you online that you cannot control. Be proactive when you see this information online. Contact the website administrator and ask for it to be removed. Always be polite, and if it doesn’t work, seek help from an attorney.

No matter who you are, you should always be aware of your online presence and be proactive about maintaining a positive image. If you’ve posted questionable things in the past or things have been posted about you, these tips should help clean up your online image.

Darius Fisher Shares Tips For Cleaning Up Your Online Image

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