David McDonald Is A Positive Force At OSI Group

David McDonald serves as the Chief Operations Officer of OSI Group. McDonald is originally from the state of Iowa and attended Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He joined OSI Group immediately after college and continued to have a successful career. David pushed his career forward by being loyal to the OSI organization. He currently has six children. Two of David’s children are attending Iowa State University themselves. McDonald expects his other kids to follow suit with his alma mater. McDonald is very loyal to Iowa State University and maintains close ties to his beloved college. He was directly involved with naming the Marvin J Walter AGR fraternity facility. McDonald is also chairman of the board of the American Meat Institute.

David McDonald is instrumental in the international success of OSI Group. He supervised the acquisition Baho Foods, which is a european-based food manufacturing company. The purchase was made in order to diversify OSI’s standing within a very competitive industry. Baho Foods has an operating system that will work well with what OSI Group is trying to accomplish. The new partnership will open avenues for OSI to conduct key maneuvers in various areas of the food manufacturing industry.

David McDonald was hands-on in restructuring the management divisions in OSI’s Chinese region. He wanted to ensure that the area was living up to its standards on an international level. He assigned leadership responsibilities and made sure that every aspect of the organization was meeting the required standards of operation.

OSI Group built its thriving international company by embracing diversity in every aspect of the organization. The company employs a strict yet creative hiring process that allows it to recruit the kind of talent that supports an international organization. There are recruiting centers in Hungry, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

OSI Industries was a family-owned business in the Chicago area. It grew over the years into an international organization after it began a working relationship with the McDonald’s organization in the 1950s.

About OSI Group: interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

David McDonald Is A Positive Force At OSI Group

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