Doe Deere And Her Least Favorite Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is not a lady who abides by all the fashion rules that have oppressed women for centuries, and she is not a woman who is willing to cater to anyone who wants her to dress a certain way. She founded Lime Crime as a way of helping women find the bright colors needed for their makeup palettes, and she wants women to dare to break the rules every day. This article lists Doe’s least favorite fashion rules, and every rule may be broken any time a woman likes.

#1: Bright Colors Work Together

Bright colors have been living alone for quite a long time. Anyone who wore two bright colors together was doing something that was strictly verboten, but women today may wear as many bright colors as they want. Doe wants women to wear two of her bright colors from Lime Crime together, a bright skirt with a bright top and a host of bright accessories that will pop in the sunlight. Women will wake up the world around them with help from bright colors, and a woman may finally be able to dress in her own personal style.

#2: Feel Free To Mix Many Patterns

Mixing patterns is thought of as a dangerous proposition in the fashion world, but mixing patterns is no longer a faux pas. Fashion designers have started mixing patterns in their work, and reality TV viewers have seen designers artfully mix patterns. A woman who wants to wear her paisley skirt with a plaid top may do so at any time, and she may continue to break the rules by wearing many bright colors together. The freedom found in mixing patterns is healthy for women.

#3: Wear Open Toe Shoes in The Fall Or Winter

Women have been told to put away their open toe shoes in the fall and winter, but open toe shoes are extremely cute when matched with colorful socks or stockings. Women can show of their favorite stockings in open toe shoes, and women who love colorful stockings will find that they can show them off without showing too much leg. Every woman is free to wear her favorite shoes all year without worry.

There are many fashion rules that Doe Deere likes to break, but these are her least favorite. She wants women to feel free to dress however they like, and her Lime Crime line of cosmetics helps women make themselves up any way they like.

Doe Deere And Her Least Favorite Fashion Rules

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